Eternal Allies

Now this, right here, is some unmitigated gall.

The rapist demands that the victim intercede for him down at the police station.

If someone had made up a story like this and tried to sell it as the plot of a TV show, he or she would have been laughed off. This is beyond arrogant. I had to catch my breath when I read it, and I suspect you will too.

Blue Cross, having just rolled off their victims and started getting dressed, now wants their bleeding, traumatized victims to go down to the station house and talk about how GREAT they are?

Yes. That’s EXACTLY what they want their victims to do. Un-frigging-believable.

Customers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina are up in arms about a flier the company sent out urging their clientele to oppose health care reform — shortly after sending out a notice informing them their health insurance rates would go up an average of 11 percent.

“Indignant Blue Cross customers have rebelled against the insurer’s message, complaining that their premium dollars have funded such a campaign,” reports the Raleigh-Durham News & Observer.

Over the past few days, Blue Cross customers have started a Web-based campaign to smother the insurance company’s message. In its flier, Blue Cross had included a form letter to North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan, asking Hagan to “please oppose government-run health insurance.” Customers have taken to marking up the form letter and using Blue Cross’ pre-paid postage to ask Hagan to do the opposite:

bluecrosshealthcarereformflier Insurer informs of rate hike    then asks customers to oppose reform

Blue Cross spokesman Lew Borman told the News & Observer that the company didn’t use its customer list to send out the political flier, but rather relied on voter registration records.

But, as Jason Rosenbaum points out at The Seminal, Blue Cross controls 53 percent of the health insurance market in North Carolina, including 98 percent of individual non-employer-provided policies, so inevitably the fliers would have landed with Blue Cross customers.

Blogger Hissyspit at DailyKos was among the people who received one of Blue Cross’ fliers.

“I figured out that the enclosed postcard could be altered to conversely subvert the intended purpose and that’s what I did,” Hissyspit wrote. “I crossed out portions of the message, wrote in my own, and and put it in the Saturday mail.”

These asshats need to be taken down. Unless we’re all masochists, we can surely see why the shenanigans of private insurers can’t be tolerated any more.

I realize that the healthscare inbreds aren’t going to understand the next part of this rant, but healthcare reform is about jobs, jobs, jobs. As things stand right now, fewer and fewer employers can afford to provide health coverage to their employees, and the ones that do are having to pay out so much that other areas-like R&D, or hiring-are adversely affected. On the consumer side of the equation, we are all spending more and more of our incomes on healthcare, which means that we cannot afford to buy other things and help return this country to a sustainable economic footing. The health insurers have lied to us, they’ve KILLED a bunch of us, and they’ve tried to shut us up by dispatching armed mobs of inbreds to venues where healthcare reform was being discussed. The insurers, of course, just LOVE things the way they are now, because their profits have never been better.

It is time to put an end to this bullshit. Either we can go the road of meaningful healthcare reform now, or in a few years I suspect we’ll see a few of these guys strung up in trees in various locations. You simply cannot treat people like this indefinitely.

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