Here’s something that’ll just shock the hell out of you.

It appears that the supposedly “grassroots” teabaggers are too stupid to properly protest. We already knew that they had to be led from place to place by their corporate owners, the lot of them apparently being too stupid to congregate on their own, but even I misunderestimated just how stupid they really are. It seems that even after they’ve been congregated somewhere, someone STILL has to feed them the talking points that they ought to know by heart, since they’ve done nothing for months but endlessly repeat them.

And just look at who it is that is minding them. Yep, the old “fair and balanced” bunch. What they “report,” they also invent. If “you decide” to buy into their bullshit, ESPECIALLY after seeing this, maybe you’re one of them that can’t wipe without instructions.

This is precisely why I simply cannot treat the wingers with any respect. They are a bunch of mental children, unable to do a damn thing without their corporate parents leading them around. How do you debate a child? How can you possibly have a thinking discussion with people who are unable to think?

Media watchdog MediaMatters has obtained footage “from an anonymous tipster” of what it says is a Fox News producer giving stage directions to a crowd of Tea Party protesters at the 912 event in Washington, DC, last weekend.

“We just received the following behind the scenes footage from an anonymous tipster showing what appears to be a Fox News producer encouraging a crowd to scream and holler during a ‘report’ by Fox News’ Griff Jenkins,” the watchdog group reported on its Web site Friday.

Here is the video MediaMatters obtained:

…And here is what that moment looked like on Fox News:

“I guess it wasn’t enough for Fox News to promote the hell out of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 death march – they also needed to incite the crowd – you know, get them nice and pumped up so they’d looked good for the cameras,” Karl Frisch writes at MediaMatters. “Fair & Balanced? More like Fake & Staged.”

The right wing in this country is a parody of itself, forever waiting to be told what to believe. This is way past sad, and a damning indictment of our educational system.

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