What a Rush!

It is safe to say that about 13 million brain-dead inbreds hang on every word this guy blows out his ass.

They really don’t need to listen to the dope addict, because he’s 100% predictable in what he’s going to say. IT’S BECAUSE OF OBAMA is the theme of every one of the dope addict’s asinine broadcasts, and he’s gotten more and more stupid with every new slurred diatribe.

How predictable is the dope addict? See what the Liberal Values Blog predicted on June 25, 2009.

Barack Obama Killed Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. At least that is what I expect to hear from Rush Limbaugh tomorrow following his ridiculous comments of today.

And, of course, the LVB had it right on the money, in at least Jacko’s case. No word yet on how Obama managed to off Farrah, Billy Mays, or Karl Malden. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Did Democratic presidents kill Michael Jackson? It appears that Rush Limbaugh may think so.

“I have an observation about this Jackson thing,” Limbaugh began on his radio show Wednesday. “Jackson’s success paralleled the rebound of the United States under [Reagan]. Jackson’s biggest successes took place the in 80s … He flourished under Reagan, he languished under Clinton [and] Bush, and he died under Obama.”

Then he added, cryptically: “Let’s hope this parallel does not continue.”

Arguing, presumably, with his producer off-screen, Limbaugh asked: “What about what I said is not true?”

And then, as if turning Jackson’s death into a partisan issue wasn’t enough, Limbaugh went after the race angle.

“Michael Jackson died during the era of the first black president,” he said. “How about if I say it that way?”

I know this pedophile dope addict is about as far down in the gutter as you can get, but Good Dog, this is beyond low. I think I understand why this son of a bitch is a dope addict now; if I was as low-down scummy as this bastard is, I’d probably have to stay stoned too.

Actually, I wouldn’t stay that way. I’d eat the whole bottle of Oxy and do the world a favor.

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