This isn’t normally a place that comments on celebrities; the problems of our country, and the world, are too serious, and too menacing, for me to spend a lot of time on “Jon and Kate,” or Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears, or any of the other tools the MSM has used on us over the last few years to keep us away from what the moronic monkey was doing to us.

But I think that there are parallels in our reactions to the death of Michael Jackson and the situation our nation faces overall.

He sold out 50 shows in the UK, in spite of not having appeared on a stage for well over a decade. Why? People couldn’t possibly know what he was going to be like anymore. All we know is what we’ve seen of him in the last decade or so is not pretty; the guy mutilated himself with plastic surgery, did some really weird interviews, and managed to get himself in a whole lot of trouble (and for the record, I am unconvinced that he was a pedophile; I AM convinced that the way he conducted himself invited accusations like the ones he got. If you expose yourself (no pun intended) often enough to a greedy world, elements of that world will try to relieve you of your gold by whatever means looks promising.) Given what we know of him FOR SURE over the last 10 years, why would people STILL spend a lot of money to see him again?

People wanted to believe that he could be again what he was. He was an enormously talented entertainer who put out two incredibly solid albums at the turn of the 1980s. He was once also a fresh-faced kid that we’d watched grow up into that enormously talented entertainer, and we wanted to see if there was any of that kid left in the weirdo that took over Michael Jackson. Actually, it is even more than that; we WANTED TO BELIEVE that the incredibly talented entertainer would re-emerge for us. Many of us spent a lot of money on that belief. And now, all over the world, people are grieving not for the Michael Jackson who actually existed on June 25, 2009, but for the Michael Jackson of “The Jackson 5,” “Off The Wall” and “Thriller.”

That Michael Jackson died a long time ago. I am quite certain the version of Michael Jackson that would have hit the stage in London would not have been the one everyone wanted to see again, although he might have been able to find a new niche that allowed some of his fans to believe in him again. We’ll never know.

When I look at this country, I see a lot of the same thing. Chimpy took an ax to the face of America, and managed to distort and mutilate it to a degree that make Jackson’s horrible mutilations look mild in comparison. In 2008, a lot of us eagerly voted for President Obama, thinking that he might be able to bring us back the America that Chimpy destroyed. We stood in long lines to get our ballots, hoping that the “change” mantra that the President was running on would restore to us the America that we once knew and loved, instead of this sick, mutilated version that Chimpy left behind him.

It is becoming more apparent every day that the President isn’t going to be able to do a whole lot about the broken America the Rushpublicans left us. Even sadder, in many instances it looks like he doesn’t want to. Unlike Michael Jackson in his final days, we see little evidence that our present President is even trying very hard to bring America back to what it once was; he has been pretty consistent in supporting some of the worst mutilations Chimpy inflicted upon our institutions. And in way too many situations now, the present President has not been willing to confront the corporate-Congressional union that actually runs this country. Without doing this, of course, our President is destined to fail, as surely as Michael Jackson would ultimately have disappointed a lot of the fans who were so hoping for a return of the kid from “Billie Jean.”

When the final chapter of this country is written, a lot of people will mistakenly mourn the loss of America then and there, but the truth is they will be grieving for an America that died quite awhile ago. Just like a lot of Michael Jackson’s fans are doing right now.

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