Saint Chimpy

I LOVE this one.

According to a half dozen Rushpublican pundits I’ve been reading, the reason for the unrest in Iran is because Chimpy invaded Iraq!

Yes, that’s right. According to the developing Rushpublican meme, WMD were almost a secondary consideration; the REAL plan, completely ignored by the deceitful librul media, was to plant the seeds for a flowering of democracy. According to this new meme, things are happening just as the wise man from Midland predicted; the vines of democracy and freedom are spreading their tentacles all over Iraq! And Chimpy, the visionary hero, is the guy who saw how it would all work and then made it all happen! The unrest in Iran has nothing to do with the other Chimpy specialty of stolen elections, or the fact that the moronic monkey is GONE, thus robbing Ahmadinejad of his campaign manager/rallying tool-NOOOO, it ain’t got SHIT to do with THAT!

I simply will not link to any of this garbage, but you can find it fairly quickly, if that is your wish. And remember: you heard it here first. It has been suggested that I am driving myself insane by reading the spew of these idiots, but I like to keep up with whatever bullshit they’re peddling-and I just LOVE the hagiographers and their desperate attempts at revisionism.

The moronic monkey as the conquering hero that set the middle east free. Coming soon to a Rushpublican moron near you.

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