The hardcore Rushpublican demagogues were hoping that Ahmadinejad would win in Iran, which would leave in place one of the few bogeymen they have left to scare American voters with. As Ahmadinejad’s unofficial campaign staff in the US, the Rushpublicans tried to ram through an incendiary bill that would almost certainly have benefited Ahmadinejad in the Iranian elections. Ahmadinejad could have pointed to the bill’s passage as evidence that the Great Satan intended to dismantle Iran, and that he alone would stand up to the bullies in DC.

Well, this saga is just getting worse and worse. I reported earlier this week that H.R. 1327, the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009 had been put on Congress’ suspension calendar (fast track voting) for Tuesday – a move that puzzled many since imposing new sanctions on Iran four days before Iran’s elections would likely help Ahmadinejad get re-elected.

Turned out that the item had been put on the agenda by the Republicans, and that the Democrats opposed it precisely because they didn’t want to do anything to help Ahmadinejad get re-elected. So it was pulled off of the agenda sometime on Monday.

Anyone who reads this and doesn’t admit to him or herself what this is clearly all about is surely not going to be convinced by what I say. The rest of us, of course, recognize this for exactly what it is; a variation on the “bin Laden trick” that did so much to help keep Chimpy in the saddle in 2004. The Rushpublicans timed it about as perfectly as they could, but with a new Administration and Congressional leadership standing in their way, they didn’t get it pulled off. Still, I know that Ahmadinejad must be grateful for their efforts on his behalf.

As it turns out, Ahmadinejad didn’t need help from this particular Rushpublican trick, because he’s an avid student of that other well-known Rushpublican trick: electioneering. In a move that’s got to make the Rushpublican electioneers here in America beam with knowing pride, their protege has decided to skewer the poll results and keep his position.

We’ll find out in the next few days whether or not Ahmadinejad did a heckuva job or not. Right now, it looks like the Iranian street may do what we ought to have done, and demand that the Government abide by the ACTUAL election results. We’ll see.

It’s Saturday afternoon in Tehran, and the streets are generally quiet. But the aftermath of Iran’s rigged election, in which radical-right President Ahmadinejad and his paramilitary backers were kept in office, has left Iran’s capital steeped in anger, despair, and bitterness.

Last night, after the polls closed, heavily armed troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were in evidence in the streets. In one area of north Teheran, where backers of opposition challenger and reformist ex-Prime Minister Mousavi are concentrated, I saw a convoy of at least fifteen military vehicles filled with armed guards idling along the side of the road. The street in front of the Interior Ministry, where votes are counted, is blocked and heavily guarded after rumors that Mousavi supporters might gather there to protest the election count.

Mousavi himself has pledged to fight the verdict, using words like “tyranny” and adding, “I will not surrender to this dangerous charade.”

Mousavi is said to be under arrest at the moment. Let us all hope that no harm comes to this brave man.

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