The cowardly cabal of Chimpy, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfie, and the rest of the “patriotic pansies” were almost desperate to restart the cold war with Russia. They wanted to do this first and foremost to secure the political future of the wingtard ideology, since their economic and fiscal policies are such horrid failures. They’ve beat the gay couple, the Hispanic, and the Muslim about as hard as they can, and they could see that it wasn’t working out for them-they were going to require a bigger bogeyman if they were to have any hope at all of remaining relevant on a national scale. So why not revive the bogeyman that did so much for their ancestral heroes, like Joe McCarthy?

Alas, it simply is not to be. Not only was the Chimpy plan for a missile defense “shield” in eastern Europe a naked provocation of Russia, it was going to be expensive, the peoples of east Europe did not want it, and it protected them-and us-from nothing, as Russia had already promised that not only would they target any sites we might set up, but that they might actually destroy them in the kind of a “pre-emptive” action so near and dear to the wingtard heart. Our President obviously recognizes this, and he is prudently backing away from this Chimpy stupidity.

Russia today signalled that it is ready to accept a secret offer made by Barack Obama to drop US plans for a European missile defence system in return for Moscow’s help in dealing with Iran.

Obama’s move is a bold one aimed at breaking the stalemate, which has lasted years, over attempts at preventing Iran securing a nuclear weapons capability.

Obama made the extraordinary offer last month in a letter to the Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, hand-delivered to the Russian government by US officials in Moscow. Officials told the New York Times that while it did not offer a direct quid pro quo, the letter was intended to give Moscow an incentive to join the United States in a common front against Iran.

Medvedev responded today by sayingthat Moscow will cooperate with Washington in dealing with the Iranian nuclear standoff, but confirmed there was no talk about a quid pro quo on missile defense and Iran.

Medvedev said he had talked with Obama over the phone and exchanged letters with him, but added that there was “no talk about some kind of trade-off, or quid pro quo.”

“No, issues haven’t been put that way, it would be unproductive,” he said at a news conference following talks with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Russia has long opposed the establishment of the US missile defence system in Eastern Europe, seeing it as a threat. It was the main source of deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington during the Bush years.

Russia has been slow to cooperate with the US and Europe over Iran, reluctant to impose tougher sanctions and continuing to help Tehran build up its civil nuclear programme. If Russia was to join the US and Europe in imposing severe sanctions on Tehran, this might help put pressure on the Iranian administration.

The offer was disclosed by a Russian news agency and confirmed by US officials on Monday.

One stupidity down, but many more to go. Hopefully Obama also realizes that adding more members to NATO does nothing for the peace and security of the world, especially when we’re talking of adding places like Georgia (headed up by a warmongering Stalin wannabe) and Ukraine (presently on the threshold of a full scale civil rebellion.) It would be even sweeter if we could pull our air and ground forces out of the Baltic nations, where stationing them never made any sense to begin with-unless the purpose was to provoike Russia. Russia isn’t going to overrun the Baltic states for the forseeable future, at least, because they have much bigger problems to deal with within and along their southern border. Re-invading the Balts would lead to nothing but more hardship and economic disaster for Russia.

I am guessing the ‘tards will try to turn this into some kind of “sky is falling” rallying cry, but it’ll fall flat. We’re onto their game.

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