Man, we’ve mowed down the “top al Qaeda leader” so many times now that we must surely be reduced to bombing primary schools to get the little turrists before they get big enough to make bombs.

Join me for one last session of “WE GOT HIM!!!,” that ever-popular Chimpy propaganda hit that he’s rolled out just about every time he wanted to distract us from the reality of his failures. Sadly,  Chimpy’s failures have finally become so numerous, and serious, that nobody’s paying attention anymore.

That’s OK; WE’RE paying attention. I wouldn’t want the moronic monkey to think that his last bullshit “success” salvo was a complete thud. So once more, in honor of all those other bullshit propaganda releases, we celebrate one final “turn the corner” moment in one of Chimpy’s wars.

The head of al-Qaida’s operations in Pakistan has been killed by a US air strike in South Waziristan, close to the Pakistani border with Afghanistan, a US counter-terrorism official has said.

Usama al-Kini was believed to be responsible for attacks including the bombing of a Marriott hotel in Islamabad that killed 55 people in September, and an unsuccessful attempt to kill the former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who was later assassinated, the official added.

In the last week the US has concluded that Hellfire missiles fired from a remotely piloted Predator aircraft operated by the CIA killed Kini – along with his lieutenant Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan – in the tribal area on 1 January. Both men were Kenyan-born and on the FBI’s list of most-wanted terrorist suspects. They were indicted for the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and were believed to have trained operatives to travel to the US and Europe.

“Al-Kini was a … lethal operations figure within al-Qaida. The demise of a succession of senior al-Qaida figures is certain to have at least a near-term debilitating effect on the group,” the official said.

Yep, al Qaeda is crippled AGAIN! We’ve delivered them yet another debilitating blow from which it’ll take them years and years to recover! Bravo, Chimpy! This thing is in the bag now for sure!

Now, would someone kindly inform al Qaeda, the Taliban and their allies of this great development, so that they become aware of their defeat? Chimpy ALWAYS wins, right? Resistance is pointless!

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