An interesting headline is being blared today from the ever-reliable Apologist Press.

U.S. deaths in Afghanistan drop sharply

The article does what all Apologist Press articles do; as in, it basically follows the Chimpy line and gloats about how great things are. We are now supposed to forget that we’ve been there for nearly 7 years, and we’ve seen the situation in Afghanistan whipsaw from a populace that was glad to have us to a populace that just wishes we’d go the f away. But we’re also supposed to forget that this is also the case with Iraq, aren’t we?

I find it too much of a coincidence that Afghanistan setlles down at the same time that the Taliban is running rampant through large swaths of Pakistan, and by all appearances is now mounting major operations in India (with a little help from their friends, of course.) I believe what we’re seeing here is a shift in emphasis, probably because the Taliban smell a chance to destabilize India. The sharpening divisions between the haves and have-nots in India do make this a most opportune time to aggravate tensions, especially when one considers that the Muslim population of India is a huge percentage of the have-nots.

Where does it end? It may end with a triumphant Taliban in Pakistan and a splintering of India, if the conditions are right for that kind of an exploitation. In any event, treat the new Apologist Press line with a great deal of skepticism; the Taliban have proven themselves to be much quicker to adapt to conditions on the ground than we are. It just may be that in the “right now,” the Taliban see greener pastures outside of Afghanistan. No one should think that this means that they’ve forgotten about Afghanistan, or won’t be back. They will; they practically own Kandahar again already, so they can take their time with it.

Joe Biden said that Obama would be tested within his first 6 months. That’s almost a guatrantee.

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