Black Friday is certainly taking on new meanings today. For a few families, the term is forever altered.

I think pretty much everyone has now heard about the unfortunate Mao-Mart temp that got stomped to death by shoppers in Long Island, NY. As we know from reports on the story, the people who stomped this guy into the ground did not give a damn about what they had done, and even tried to shove aside emergency officials trying to come to the man’s aid. While the contemptible cretins who killed this guy are no doubt consoling themselves at the moment with the lie that his death was some kind of an “accident,” they are in fact guilty of manslaughter, as is anyone who interfered with people who tried to come to his aid. What SCUM they are! I am glad I live nowhere near such flotsam.

It gets even worse, though.

The people in Long Island, at least, didn’t have the intent to kill any Mao-Mart temps when they went stampeding in the place. Not so these Toys ‘R Us shoppers, who meant to get their bargains at any cost.

Shots rang out today inside a Toys R Us store in Palm Desert, killing two and causing shoppers at the busy store to scramble for cover.

Palm Desert Councilman Bob Spiegel told The Times that based on early reports, two rival groups shopping at the store had some kind of argument and then shots were fired. Two men were killed in the exchange of gunfire, he said.

Riverside County sheriff and fire officials responded to a report of a shooting and two gunshot victims at 11:32 a.m. at the toy store in the Desert Crossing Shopping Center at 72314 Highway 111, said Cheri Patterson, information officer for the Riverside County Fire Department and Cal Fire, based in Perris.

Dennis Gutierrez of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the fatalities but said detectives were still trying to figure out what happened.

Details about the shooting were still spotty, but witnesses said the scene at the store and nearby businesses was chaotic.

“We had a bunch of people who came in around noon,” Jeff Valare, manager at the World Gym across the street from the Toys R Us, told The Times. “They looked distressed. One woman had an infant in her arms and was crying. They were telling us they heard five or six gunshots. They were inside the Toys R Us and fled out the back.”

Glenn Splain, another worker at the gym, told the Associated Press that some Toys R Us customers “were crying, tearing and shaking. … Some people got into a fight. … One of the guys here thought it was over a toy, but it got louder and louder and then there were gunshots.”

Saul Diaz, who works as an assistant manager at the Jiffy Lube next door to the Toys R Us, said he was speaking with a customer when a stampede of 45 people ran in. Some looked distraught, some were crying.

“They were running fast straight into the car bays. There was a couple of ladies with little kids, about 3 years [old]. They were all pale. The kids were shouting, ‘Mom, I’m scared.’ We immediately closed the store,” Diaz told The Times. His staff immediately locked the front doors and closed the car bays. “We took everyone into a basement bay, where we keep inventory,” he said.

The Desert Sun quoted a Palm Desert city official as saying the shooting might have been caused by bad blood between two groups of shoppers. “There were two groups inside that had issue with each other,” said Assistant City Manager Sheila Gilligan. “And the two men inside pulled their weapons and shot each other.”

Daniel Watson told KPSP-TV that his wife was shopping at the store and called him on her cellphone about the time the shooting began. “She was scared, you know, and she told me to tell the kids that she loved them,” Watson said. He told the station that his wife hid under a clothes rack.

Yeah. Black Friday is so important to some people that they are READY to kill you if you get in their way. Shopping today now appears to be as dangerous in some places as it is to walk the alleys of Detroit after dark.

NICE, isn’t it?

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