Is the despicable McCavein gutter campaign paying off? To listen to practically all of the MSM and not a few on the left, you’d sure think so. And the wingtards are absolutely singing about this Zogby poll:

A national Associated TV/Zogby International telephone poll of 1,011 likely voters conducted July 31-Aug. 1 finds Republican Sen. John McCain taking a razor-thin 42%-41% lead over Democrat Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the U.S. presidency.

The margin between the candidates is statistically insignificant, but demonstrates a notable turn-around from the Reuters/Zogby poll of July 7-9 that showed Obama ahead, 46%-36% in a four-way match-up that included Libertarian candidate Bob Barr of Georgia and liberal independent candidate Ralph Nader. McCain made significant gains at Obama’s expense among some of what had been Obama’s strongest demographic groups. For example:

  • McCain gained 20% and Obama lost 16% among voters ages 18-29. Obama still leads that group, 49%-38%.
  • Among women, McCain closed 10 points on Obama, who still leads by a 43%-38% margin.
  • Obama has lost what was an 11% lead among Independents. He and McCain are now tied.
  • Obama had some slippage among Democrats, dropping from 83% to 74%.

Looks pretty grim, doesn’t it? On the surface it would appear that the embalmed zombie is making a lot of hay with his meanspirited gutter trash, even among Obama’s core supporters.

There’s just one little problem with that theory. It doesn’t seem to hold up when looked at against another poll released the same day.

Solid margins among women, minorities and young voters have powered Barack Obama to a 6 percentage point lead over John McCain in the presidential race, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll released Tuesday.

Obama is ahead of his Republican rival 47 percent to 41 percent among registered voters, the poll showed. The survey was taken after the Democratic senator had returned from a trip to Middle Eastern and European capitals, and during a week that saw the two camps clash over which one had brought race into a campaign in which an Obama victory would make him the first African-American president.

McCain, the senator from Arizona, is leading by 10 points among whites and is even with Obama among men, groups with whom Republicans traditionally do well in national elections. He has a 17-point lead with white men and was running strongly among married men, rural residents and white evangelicals.

Obama leads by 13 points among women, by 30 points among voters up to age 34, and by 55 points among blacks, Hispanics and other minorities, the poll shows. He is also doing strongly with unmarried men, moderates and city dwellers, and has a 12-point lead among those saying they definitely plan to vote.

The two men were evenly dividing Catholics and suburban residents, swing groups the parties contest in every election.

OK, both of these could not possibly reflect actual sentiment out there, could they? Did Obama’s supporters all drift away because they saw him with a couple of white women, or didn’t they? What’s going on here?

I suspect what is going on here is what seems to always be the case with the MSM; they are trying to plant the notion in your mind that Obama is losing. They were also all over a Rasmussen poll last week that purportedly showed Obama suddenly being behind McCavein, a situation that reversed itself the next day. The MSM, of course, will do everything in their power to sow every seed of doubt about Obama thay can, which is why all of them provide helpful links to whatever sleazy attack ad Johnny’s pimping today. This time, they’re using Zogby to do it, even though Zogby has been a well-documented outlier time after time where polling is concerned.

Don’t let them convince you of anything. This election is pretty important to the MSM, which is why they are doing things like Katie McCouric’s editing out of McCavein’s wrong assertions from interviews. As surely as they’ve been unswervingly loyal to the incompetent monkey sitting in the Oval Office today, they will be loyal to the monkey’s chosen replacement. We must not allow them to cause us to be any less willing to hit the polls and keep Johnny from doing this country any more damage. Turnout is going to be everything in this election, and the MSM knows it. Expect them to continue to try to dampen turnout as much as they possibly can.

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