Johnny enjoys a Cuervo

He’s done.

If he were to actually allow default, the collapse of the civil society could see him detained-or worse.

If he stops default, the lunatic fringe wing of his party will deal with him swiftly and surely, because the lunatic fringe is now the GOP mainstream.

Shed no tears for this drunk, who will shed plenty of tears for himself. In his entire Congressional career, he’s been known for one thing, and only one thing-lobbyist money. He has never, ever shown even the pretense of leadership. The only thing I have ever been able to divine as to why he even wanted the position was the bags of lobbyist cash he imagined coming in once he was sitting on top of the scum heap. So, to ensure himself that position, he literally bought the votes of a bunch of his caucus by funneling lobbyist dollars to the places where the money would do him the most good. He bought the job, apparently thinking (if that’s the right choice of words when talking of a drunk) that he could just let the GOP caucus do as it wished, while he sat back, drink in one hand and a bag of cash in the other one. 2010, of course, changed all of that. With the Boehner rallying cry of “Where Are The JOBS?!?”, he managed to retake the House majority. But the House majority he sat on in 2011 was very different from the one he briefly sat on in 2007. The walking canker sores he helped to elect weren’t there to govern. They were there to destroy, to dismantle, to inflict as much sadistic misery as they could. And they have been spectacularly successful at it; who knows how many sick people “sequestration” has killed, or how many are yet to die due to things like bridge collapses, or levee failures, or wildfires, or crime? None of that matters a bit to the people who made it happen, because the more misery there is in this country, the more they (and the ignorant yee-haws who voted them in) like it. 2010 was about hatred, and revenge, and there’s been a LOT of that. But, of course, we aren’t ALL drowning in despair yet, so the Boehner Caucus isn’t quite through with us yet. They’re just through with HIM.

It will be interesting, in a fiery freeway accident sort of way, to see who replaces him. I’m quite certain none of us are going to care much for it. The 2014 cycle is just around the corner. If you know what’s good for you, you will not sit this one out.


With a budget deal still elusive and a deadline approaching on raising the debt ceiling, Speaker John A. Boehner has told colleagues that he is determined to prevent a federal default and is willing to pass a measure through a combination of Republican and Democratic votes, according to multiple House Republicans.
One lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Mr. Boehner had indicated he would be willing to violate the so-called Hastert Rule if necessary to pass a debt-limit increase. The informal rule refers to a policy of not bringing to the floor any measure that does not have a majority of Republican votes.
A spokesman for Mr. Boehner pushed back on the idea that the speaker would try to pass a debt-limit increase mainly with Democratic votes, but acknowledged that the speaker understood the need to head off a default.
“The speaker always, always prefers to pass legislation with a strong Republican majority,” said Michael Steel, a spokesman for Mr. Boehner.
“The speaker has always been clear that a default would be disastrous for our economy,” Mr. Steel said. “He’s also been clear that a ‘clean’ debt hike cannot pass the House. That’s why the president and Senate Democrats should drop their ‘no negotiations’ stance, and work with us on a plan to raise the debt limit in a responsible way, with spending cuts and reforms to get our economy moving again and create jobs.”
It is conceivable that Mr. Boehner could pass a debt-limit increase with a slim majority of Republican votes, and Democrats making up the difference, as he has in the past on budget measures. In meetings with Republican lawmakers, the speaker appeared to be offering reassurances to members worried about the government shutdown that he would not allow a default to take place.
Other Republicans also said Thursday that they got the sense that Mr. Boehner would do whatever was necessary to ensure that the country did not default on its debt.
Representative Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Republican of Pennsylvania, who was one of just 22 House Republicans this year who helped Mr. Boehner pass three crucial bills — to avert a fiscal showdown, to provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and to pass the Violence Against Women Act — with a majority of Democratic support, said he expected that he may be asked to do so again.
“Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff, all of the big votes require reasonable Republicans and Democrats to come together in order to pass it and get it to the president’s desk,” he said. “This will be no different.”
And, Mr. Fitzpatrick added, “I’ve been there in the past, and I’m prepared to be there again.”

It will, unless things change radically, be one of the last times Mr. Fitzpatrick is called on to help Boehner out. I’m quite certain that he, too, will soon feel the little red dot burning between his eyes. The violent anarchist scum who now make up the rank-and-file of the GOP are going to punish anyone seen as cooperating with the “enemy,” and the Koch brothers stand ready to help them out with plenty of campaign cash. A lot of the reasonable guys are about to be primaried out of a job.

And you will be “elected” out of any hope you have for the future, if you do what you did in 2010. Count on it.


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