Shutdown Stupidity

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That drunkard flim-flam man, John Boehner, will still have plenty of spending money for his favorite bottles (not that he’d need it, since lobbyists supply him with whatever he wants anyway.)

Ted Cruz will still have the platinum Goldman-Sachs medical insurance for his needs, since his wife covers him.

Eric Cantor will still take a full third of the year off next year, like he does every year.

The idiots who back people like Ted Cruz will, by and large, be just fine themselves, as Social Security and “disability” payments will continue to go out.

But a lot of people working at military installations, both in and out of uniform, will probably get to worry about whether or not they can pay the mortgage this month. Children in Head Start may find themselves with no place to go, and their parents with no alternative for placement of those children while they work. Countless small business the Rushpubliscums claim to love so much will see their sales volumes fall off a cliff. As it so often seems to be, the people responsible for the calamities won’t get touched by it. It’s really past time that they started feeling some of the pain themselves. We’ve asked the GI and the 3 year old to sacrifice far too many times, while the delusional and indifferent louts who have made this country dysfunctional suffer absolutely no consequences for their behavior. A great way to spread the pain would be a $100.00 fine for every member of Congress, every day they don’t submit a CR that will pass both Houses. You wouldn’t get all the guilty this way, but you’d get the guilty parties in a position to do better.

It’s past time that someone other than the innocent start paying a price for this kind of infantile stupidity.


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