The Party of NOTHING

First, we brought our wounded veterans back to Halliburton-run roach and mold infested hovels. Boy George’s pals made out like bandits, while our wounded vets also became sickened.

Then, we put them on waiting lists-for YEARS-to get the treatment for their combat-related problems that we PROMISED them when they signed up.

And now, thanks to the Rushpubliscum refusal to consider making a rich man give even one more dime back to his country, many of our veterans who have gone on to serve their country in other capacities are going to see their incomes slashed.

If you are Charlie or David Koch, the GOP loves you. They can’t do enough for you. But if you are a working American, or an American of color, or a female American, or a veteran of our Armed Forces…. the GOP never tires of finding new ways to screw you over.

These are the facts. GOP voters have in their hands the screwdriver the GOP uses to put it to our vets, over and over again, as we learn from this CBS News report.


About one third of the U.S. Air Force has been grounded since April because of those across-the-board federal budget cuts.

But today, the Air Force told CBS News it’s back at full strength — including the precision flying team the “Thunderbirds” cleared for takeoff once again. The budget cuts are affecting the entire military including many civilian employees.

Mechanic Matt Thompson is one of those employees. He repairs military vehicles at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Tacoma.

For the next 11 weeks, he’ll be forced to take Fridays off, losing 20 percent of his pay.

“I scrape from paycheck to paycheck as it is,” said Thompson. “(Not having that 20 percent), that’s huge. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to make that work.”

Commanders at bases around the country were told to cut hours for the military’s civilian employees, affecting thousands of workers who support troops and their families in jobs such as finance and maintenance.

Colonel Chuck Hodges is commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Hodges said it’s frustrating to have to make these cuts.

“It’s working with the employees. Knowing what they’ve done for us, over these past years and then having to put them on furlough, ask them to sacrifice even more. These aren’t big money, government employees; most of my folks are making less than $40,000 dollars a year,” said Hodges.

Matt Thompson’s wife suffered a brain aneurysm that left her disabled.

His $2,600-a-month income supports her, the couple’s two teenagers, and his mother. But it will drop $600 per month.

“My biggest concern is not being able to have someplace for my wife and my mom and my kids to be able to come,” said Thompson.

He is also worried about losing his home. The thought of it brings him to tears, but he said he will make it work somehow.

Many base employees are actually military veterans, now working on the civil side.

Thompson spent eight years as a sergeant in the Army, and another nine years working on base.


Nice, right? If you managed to come back intact from one of the GOP wars of choice, and elected to keep serving your country, this is what the GOP has in store for you. But David Koch doesn’t have to pay any more in taxes, leaving him free to spend his money trying to get the minimum wage abolished.

Do GOP voters have no shame? No sense of responsibility? How come none of those teabaggers the Koch brothers bus from town to town have anything to say about this?

I have said before, and I say again, right here: any country that treats its vets the way we do is a country that forfeits its right to exist. This is a travesty.


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