The Benghazi idiocy is one thing. This, is entirely another.

Soon enough, we may again be asking the question, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” The thing that should worry you is…. does it matter? A quarter century after we saw Nixon leaving in disgrace, Nixon’s crew came back into office under Boy George, and did things that made Nixon look like a shoplifter in comparison. I’m not sure there is anyone left who can actually challenge the national-security state. It may well have to collapse from its own corruption, arrogance, and ineffectiveness.


Since the day he took office, the Obama administration has undertaken an assault on government whistleblowers — people informing citizens of what their government doesn’t want them to know — that surpasses anything that Nixon or any other president has done. Since 2009, the Obama administration has brought espionage charges against six whistleblowers. And most of these whistleblowers have been criticizing that way that America conducts its neverending war of the 21st century. One, Thomas Drake, blew the whistle on the illegal warrantless wiretapping that began under George W. Bush. John Kiriakou dropped the dime on illegal U.S. torture — and was sent away to prison, even as the perpetrators of torture from Dick Cheney to John Yoo continue to walk freely among us.

Nixon had Daniel Ellsberg, and Obama has Bradley Manning of Wikileaks. Okay, so they didn’t break into the office of Manning’s psychiatrist, but they have detained Manning in a solitary confinement that a UN torture expert called “cruel, inhuman and degrading.” Do you feel better about that? Because I don’t. The war on whistleblowers, the treatment of Manning, and now this investigation of journalists are all hallmarks of a White House that promised transparency but has been one of the most secretive — all to the detriment of the public’s right to know.

Let’s be clear — this is about Obama… and it is about much, much more than Obama. It is yet another example of how the national security state that has dominated our political life since World War II has corrupted the American soul. It is exactly what Philadelphia’s own Benjamin Franklin tried to warn us about — trading liberty for security, and geting neither. To the conservatives reading this, who warn so much about big government running amok…here it is. To the liberals reading this, who thought that one man named Barack Obama could change the system, he couldn’t. Only we, the citizens, can truly change things.

I have no love for the Apologist Press, but this is wrong, even if it were pulled on FOX. It will be interesting to see how much Obama knew about the goings-on.

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