Pains in the ass

Necrophiliacs run one of our major political parties.

There can be no doubt anymore that the events in Libya were tragic, but certainly not due to either brazen apathy or evil intent. The reason that there were conflicting stories initially has everything to do with our 24 hour news cycles, and nothing to do with any evil foot or any coverup. It is a horror, but it is just that-a horror. The top echelons of both our military and diplomatic services agree that this could only have been prevented if we’d know about it well in advance.

None of that has stopped the ghouls in the Republican Party from gleefully using the dead of Libya as political props in their sociopathic agenda of destroying this Presidency at all costs. The same people who barred even the pictures of coffins coming back from their Oedipal crusade on Iraq have gleefully posted and reposted the picture of the bloodied Ambassador Chris Stevens. And in spite of the pleas from the families of the dead, the Necrophiliac Party continues to dig up the dead, over and over again, for no other purpose than to try to find something-ANYTHING-that they can use to tar Hillary Clinton in advance of 2016, real or made up. Their pathological hatred of American Administration officials is very instructive, however, as to what their thought processes actually are. They don’t just like our President. They don’t like the fact that he could even BE President. And they are damn sure not going to let THAT man get followed into office by a skirt! Oh HELL no! If they have to destroy the whole damned country to keep it from happening, then by God, that’s what they’ll do. Count on it!

I fully expect them to lead this country into default later this year. I also fully expect this to lead to a period of instability that may well resemble St. Petersburg in early 1917. I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but I know that once it’s over, they won’t be anywhere near any positions of power. I just despair at the number of people who are going to be hurt by it. The people they’re killing right now with the “sequester” of cancer treatments may well pale in comparison to the number that they’ll kill with their next piece of stupidity.

But necrophiliacs dig dead bodies, don’t they? For them, I guess it’s all good.


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