Discreet Dating for Rushpubliscum Governors, like Mark Sanford

The last few weeks have told us all we ever need to know about GOP “values.”

Those righteous, Jesus-loving voters of South Carolina went right out and voted for a guy who abandoned them without warning to sneak off to Argentina to pursue a woman who wasn’t his wife. His wife and kids were just as clueless about where he’d gone as South Carolinians were, who had been told he was on a hike in the Appalachian Trail. Not only did this sick cauldron of scum just walk away from his job and his family, he let the taxpayers of South Carolina foot the bill for his Viagarathon.

And then, they turned right around and sent him to Congress. Yes, these voters are sure concerned about “family values,” aren’t they?

But wait… there’s more…

“Junket John” Boehner, corrupt drunk and semi-conscious Speaker of the House, is out pushing a new GOP idea. Well, it isn’t a new idea-it kind of fits right in with the way that most of them live their lives. Boehner and the GOP have proposed the “Full Faith and Credit Act,” which would guarantee that creditors got paid in the event the GOP decides to refuse to lift the debt ceiling again. Yes, the Chinese and Saudis will get their checks. But not the soldiers, Social Security recipients, Government retirees, park rangers, FBI agents… you get the picture. This bill is a Bankruptcy bill, and even reads like one. The GOP is ready, yet again, to screw as many Americans as they can possibly screw, by refusing to pay the debts that THEY ran up. Echoes of Newt, Joe Walsh, and countless other GOP politicians here. Sickening and disgusting beyond all belief.

And, of course, the GOP is in orgasmic ecstasy over guaranteeing that convicted felons and mental patients will have no restrictions on their ability to purchase heavy firepower.

A lot of people say that most GOP voters are honest people, doing what they think is right for the betterment of the country. The three examples above allow me to assert that this is just so much garbage. The GOP voter is a hateful pseudo-human who loves decay, destruction, and disaster, and votes to make it happen, each and every time. They don’t give a damn about the future of this country, or the futures of their children and grandchildren. They squeal in delight every time one of their GOP icons does something else to put another nail in the coffin of this country. If you vote GOP, don’t bother calling yourself a patriot. Don’t wear that flag lapel pin, since you’ve been wiping your ass with that flag for years now. Instead, admit the truth, for a change. Admit that you hate a multicultural America, where minorities and women have a chance to get ahead in the world. Confess that if it takes destroying the future of your children to get back at “them,” than you’re just fine with setting fire to the whole damned thing. But, most of all, never again lecture any of us on your “morals” or “values.” We’ve seen who you send up to represent you, and we will take our measure of you by the people you worship. By that measure, you are one ignorant, bigoted, spiteful, plain rotten person, and none of the Bible-thumping you do is going to change any of that.

It is a real shame that we can’t be anything but thankful that the “base” GOP voter numbers are declining due to attrition. The “Culture of Life” is killing us. The more of them there are that can’t vote any more, the better off our society becomes. Sad, but true, and indisputably so.

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