This is one I couldn’t let pass.

5-year-old shoots, kills 2-year-old sister with “My First Rifle”.

A 5-year-old boy who was playing with a .22-caliber rifle accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister in Cumberland County on Tuesday afternoon, according to a news release from the state police.

The shooting happened just after 1 p.m. at a home on Lawson’s Bottom Road.

The 2-year-old was taken to Cumberland County Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. An autopsy has been scheduled for Wednesday.

Cumberland County Coroner Gary White identified the girl as Caroline Starks.

He said the children’s mother was at home when the shooting occurred, and the gun was a gift the boy received last year.

“It’s a Crickett,” he said. “It’s a little rifle for a kid. …The little boy’s used to shooting the little gun.”

White said the gun was kept in a corner, and the family did not realize a shell had been left in it.

He said the shooting will be ruled accidental.

“Just one of those crazy accidents,” White said.

Unbelievable.  So these idiot parents give their then 4-year-old a real gun that shoots real bullets and think everything is going to be okay??  How is this “accidental” and why aren’t the parents going up on child endangerment charges??  The manufacturer markets and sells this without a trigger lock??    Product liability much??

Sure, fine, let the laws of natural selection take over, just don’t use my tax-dollars to pay for your ambulance rides to the hospital and “My First Coffin” and “My First Burial Plot”.  Mandatory background checks won’t overcome this kind of stupidity, but can we at least make liability insurance mandatory for gun owners like auto insurance is mandatory of car owners??  Wanna buy a gun, show proof of insurance.

#MyFirstRifle #TheGoodNewsIs  — now those Kentucky parents won’t have to deal with their little princess contracting HPV at age 11.

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