When the likes of Ted Cruz praise you, you’re wrong. And Obama is 100% wrong on any changes to Social Security.

The Rushpubliscums, who hate the program because it has been such a huge success, would love for a Democratic President to weaken it. Make it less of a success, and you can deliver it to Grover Norquist for a session in his bathtub. Will there have to be adjustments in the future? Yes, there will be. Let those adjustments be on the wage cap. Leave the damned program alone. Millions of seniors have been able to live lives of dignity because of it. The President is giving away the one plank with which virtually his entire constituency agrees with him, and it is the wrong thing to do.

Watch carefully any dem or Rushpubliscum who goes along with this, and vow never to cast another vote for them. Enough is enough.

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