Death of the Newspaper

This article is excellent, but I don’t think it digs deeply enough.

I remember seeing USA Today for the first time. I also remember thinking to myself how tabloid-like it was, and what segment of the population it was aiming itself at. It has, of course, had many, many imitators since then. And that was well before the Internets came along, and gave people alternatives. For those of us who were already dismayed at what was happening to both print and TV news, the gravitation was a sure thing.

I miss good newspapers. As an old man, I often get nostalgic, and find myself browsing the Google Newspaper archives. The excellent writing of the past, and the audience that those newspapers reached, are gone, sadly. The schlock all too common today doesn’t just point up the sad state of “journalism,” though. It also points up deficiencies in our educational system that I’d like to see someone write an article about.



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