This isn’t my normal fare, but I want you to know about it, especially if you happen to live in or near Ohio.

My daughter participated in a taekwondo tournament in Hilliard, a Columbus suburb, a couple of weeks ago. While I was looking for the general area her match was taking place in on the Google, I saw a link for “Early Television Foundation and Museum.” I made a mental note of it.

Yesterday, I found myself with nothing to do (not true: spring cleaning. But spring just won’t show up, so what am I to do about THAT?), so I actually clicked the link (as you should) and got directions.

This place is utterly fascinating. Completely off the charts amazing. Televisions from the very earliest days, in working order. The very first color television sets, also in working order (and why the hell would anyone have bought them? Nobody broadcast anything in color yet; NTSC was a fairly new standard.) Things (like the “disc” method of television picture transferrance) that I’d heard of, but never seen. Mail order do-it-yourself TV sets. Reception cards, from TV tinkerers who played with improvised antennas in an attempt to find a broadcast picture SOMEWHERE.) Even the first variant of “Pay TV.” I bitterly regret not having more time to look around.

If you ever get the time to look around, do not cheat yourself. You will see things you may remember, things you never knew about, and things that exist nowhere else.









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