antigay bigotry

Rob, meet your core supporters.

I should really thank you. I was worried we might not get to rid ourselves of your incompetent ass come election time, and you just made that possibility a much greater one.

All that aside…. I hope this makes you think about the party you’ve thrown your lot in with. They sure as hell aren’t singing your praises today. And really…. you’re the same guy, right? You’re just as ineffectual as you were before. But, Rob, you forgot what your party is all about, man. You have to hate who they hate to get anywhere. Hopefully, we can relieve you of the burden of having to care about it, very soon.


The Butler County Republican Party’s largest fundraiser of the year will feature a speaker who has raised eyebrows nationally in the past week with his reverse stance on same-sex marriage.

Sen. Rob Portman, who has been taking some heat from conservatives for his recent endorsement of gay marriage, is slated to deliver the keynote address at the county GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner, which usually draws hundreds of supporters to the $75-a-plate affair. But some GOP members were questioning Wednesday whether Portman’s presence might keep attendance, if not contributions, down.

“I have had people in the party tell me they are not going, or don’t want to go, because of his stance,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. “I think it has caused a controversy in the Republican party.”

Larry Miller, a Hanover Twp. trustee and a party regional head, said he will not be attending a $500-per-person private reception with Portman before the dinner at The Oscar Event Center in Fairfield, despite already buying the ticket. He cited Portman’s turnaround as the reason he’ll be a no-show at the reception.

“I just don’t believe in marriage like that,” Miller said, noting he will attend the dinner portion. “He has a right like everyone else to his opinion, but I don’t have to support it.”

Dave Kern, county GOP chairman, said he has not heard of people cancelling their reservations; and Central Committee Chairwoman Judy Shelton said ticket and ad sales have been good.

Portman’s appearance at the Lincoln Day Dinner will be among his first public speaking events since announcing he supported gay marriage last week. Portman said his evolution on the issue occurred after his son came out as a gay man.

In response to the senator’s revelation, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, whose district includes Butler County, said Sunday he can not imagine supporting same-sex marriage.

Portman’s office did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday.

See….. Junket John knows better. He knows his supporters don’t care that he’s a drunk who screws around on his wife and submits bills written for him by lobbyists in return for their payoffs and swag. But they’d care in a hurry if he was ever to say anything nice about them Sodomites. Johnny ain’t gonna rock the boat.

For Rob, the boat may well have already sunk.


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