Paul Ryan, a BAD form of conception

Do you remember all the gasbag pundits praising this clown? Talking about how “smart” he supposedly is? And did all of their praising make you scratch your head in utter confusion, wondering if you and they had seen the same guy?

Wonder no more. You were right. Paul Ryan is as dumb as a stump. I think he really believes what he is saying, and no man of any intelligence could possibly believe this. Between his schemes for sending Medicare patients to the market with a chit in their hands and his persistent efforts on behalf of rapists, Paul Ryan is a toxin. the GOP establishment has to know how stupid he really is, so one can only conclude that they were salivating at the thought of ruling us by proxy, using this idiot as their face to the world. The thing is, of course, that you can only do so much with racism and a lot of money as your tools. If that’s all you have going for you, you’d sure better have someone on the ball at the top of your ticket.

And on the ball, is not a description many people would give to this clown.


Ending a self-imposed silence about the November election, 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that he and presidential running mate Mitt Romney lost not because of ideas, but due to ineffective communication.


Ryan said Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also prevailed because they did a better job with “technology and (voter) turnout.”


“We have to learn that,” said Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee. “We have to fix that.”


Ryan made the comments at a breakfast with reporters sponsored by the Wall Street Journal as the eight-term Republican ended his silence and spoke out.


Romney and Ryan kept low-profiles after the November elections, figuring they would surrender center stage to the victors, Obama and Biden.


Ryan had spoken with the media in his home state of Wisconsin, but stayed away from the national press until Obama and Biden were sworn in for second terms this week.


At Monday’s inauguration ceremony, Ryan sat with fellow lawmakers near Obama and Biden outside the U.S. Capitol.


While watching Obama take the oath, Ryan said he thought about what he and Romney could have done if they won and implemented their conservative agenda.


But Ryan said he is now looking ahead, focusing on his job as Budget Committee chairman where he is again helping to lead a Republican charge to cut spending.


Romney, who has generally remained out of public view since the election, did not attend the inauguration and has not indicated what he plans to do next.


“I think it is going to be whatever he wants,” said Ryan, adding that they stay in touch via email and plan to have lunch together in the coming days.


It’s hard to imagine that Willard would have personally selected this clown. He almost had to have had Rapin’ Ryan hoisted on him as trade for some serious financial support. After all, Willard is known to be lazy, so whoever the VP was going to be would probably be the driving force of the Administration. And since the filthy rich were allowed to pump unlimited money into this campaign (and their Klanbagger Governors and Legislatures were busy throwing people off the voting rolls,) there was no way they could lose, right? Rapin’ Ryan was a tool who would do whatever they told him to do, because that’s what he’s always done.

Eh… Willard has no class, as he proved when he refused to attend the Inauguration. Hanging out with trash like Paul Ryan makes sense, when you think about it this way.

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