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The people who scream about the evils of COMMANISM! have done more to bolster the world’s largest avowedly Communist state than anyone ever bothered to do for the USSR. And why would they do this, when Red-baiting was the mechanism that kept them in office for so many decades? The answer is simple, and painfully easy to understand. If there’s one one thing Rushpubliscums hate worse than they hate Communists, that would be giving the American worker a livable wage and a few benefits. That’s why the Rushpubliscums rammed things like “free” trade agreements and the “deferral” rule through Congress. And as a result, the Chinese Communist heirs have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Someday soon, the Chinese may wind up using the money the GOP funneled to them to establish a new hegemony over eastern Asia. Just remember that if they do, there is no way in hell they could have done it without the Rushpubliscum Party.

And they did it all to break your back. Seriously.


Lying in a Beijing military hospital in 1990, General Wang Zhen told a visitor he felt betrayed. Decades after he risked his life fighting for an egalitarian utopia, the ideals he held as one of Communist China’s founding fathers were being undermined by the capitalist ways of his children — business leaders in finance, aviation and computers.

“Turtle eggs,” he said to the visiting well-wisher, using a slang term for bastards. “I don’t acknowledge them as my sons.”

Two of the sons now are planning to turn a valley in northwestern China where their father once saved Mao Zedong’s army from starvation into a $1.6 billion tourist attraction. The resort in Nanniwan would have a revolution-era theme and tourist-friendly versions of the cave homes in which cadres once sheltered from the cold.

One son behind the project, Wang Jun, helped build two of the country’s biggest state-owned empires: Citic (6030) Group Corp., the state-run investment behemoth that was the first company to sell bonds abroad since the revolution; and China Poly Group Corp., once an arm of the military, that sold weapons and drilled for oil in Africa.

Today, the 71-year-old Wang Jun is considered the godfather of golf in China. He’s also chairman of a Hong Kong-listed company that jointly controls a pawnshop operator and of a firm providing back-office technology services to Chinese police, customs and banks

His Australia-educated daughter, Jingjing, gives her home address in business filings as a $7 million Hong Kong apartment partly owned by Citic. Her daughter, 21-year-old Clare, details her life on social media, from the Swiss boarding school she attended to business-class airport lounges. Her “look of the day” posted on Aug. 24 featured pictures of a Lady Dior (CDI) handbag, gold-studded Valentino shoes and an Alexander McQueen bracelet. Those accessories would cost about $5,000, more than half a year’s wages for the average Beijing worker.


Rushpubliscum voters: YOU BUILT THIS. At long last, your slogan has some truth to it. Are you still proud of what you’ve done? In order to build this, you threw your neighbor out of a job, and in many cases out on the street. You created a country where 1 in 6 of us now has to skip meals to survive. You’ve given us broken bridges, failed levees, and schools with leaking roofs.

But you sure as hell DID build the Chinese economy. Oh hell yes. Yes, you did.


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