Yet another mass shooting. Yet another mass shooting of CHILDREN. And, yet again, the gun nuts begin their absolutely insane babble. “WHAT ABOUT KNIVES??? FREEDOMS!!!! ARM THE TEACHERS!!! SECOND AMENDMENT!!!! GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK!!!!” I have been mean enough to them on Facebook today that I fully expect to have my account disabled. I don’t care. I decided I’d come here, and deconstruct their stupid talking points.

Let’s start with the “knife” talking point, or the “OJ” argument. This may be the stupidest single argument that have. How many drive-by knifings have you heard of? How often is a slasher able to murder people en masse? How many clock-tower knifers have ravaged the society? The argument doesn’t fit. No one can make it fit. Knifings require, at the very least, a very up-close kind of a confrontation, and it’s damn near impossible to knife 10, 15, 20 people before you get yourself disabled by some of those people.

The idiots immediately started crying about the Scary Black Man gon’ take their FREEDOM! as well. I have a view of “freedom” too. I’d like to be free to walk the streets without having to worry about getting cut in half by a fusillade. I’d like my children to be free to go to school without winding up in pools of blood. Irony of all ironies, I live in the city, where my children ARE normally safe inside the school building. Cities got wise to this shit decades ago, and installed strong security measures. In the school district my children attend, armed officers are quite often in the buildings, and actually have offices in one of the schools. The folks who fled the cities for the suburbs based on “safety” concerns have had some really rude awakenings, as school mass murders are inevitably carried out in tranquil suburban settings.

Arming the teachers is an idea only a lunatic or a fool could get behind. Anyone who knows how often people trained constantly in the art of keeping your head and hitting your target make mistakes should really consider what happens when people who are NOT heavily trained all wind up packing heat. Do we not know from nightclub fires what happens when you induce mass panic? Now just imagine mass panic coupled with everyone packing heat. Does it really take much imagination to get a clue as to what will, absolutely, happen?

The Second Amendment argument is also dead in the water. Courts have repeatedly upheld the regulation of weaponry. We can’t all have Tommy guns, or cannons, or backyard nukes. The idiots that screech and squawk about the Second Amendment covering their AK-47s must also, out of necessity, believe that they are also entitled to nukes, because you can’t stretch the Amendment to cover one WMD without getting it to cover other WMD as well. And a AK-47 with a 30 round clip is, in fact, a WMD. The “well regulated Militia” the Founders talked about were frontier settlements that often faced hostile peoples who would, and did, attack those settlements on a regular basis. The Founders did NOT have some Louie Littlepecker covering up his inadequacies in the “personal” gun department in mind, and it’s absurd to try to say they did.

And last but not least, let’s lay to rest the appallingly absurd “gun control doesn’t help anything” argument. Anyone with an open browser and Google can do about 15 seconds of searching, and find out that around 20 people get killed by a gun in this country to every one person who gets killed in our nearest Western counterpart. And that’s proportional, not just raw numbers; by PERCENTAGES, gun violence in this country is incredible. The fact of the matter is that strong regulation of weaponry HAS resulted in a much different death rate from gun violence in other Western societies, and it most certainly has NOT been accompanied by the rise of new Stalinist totalitarian regimes. By a whole lot of measures (like freedom of movement, and freedom to pursue alternative economic notions,) those countries have MORE freedom than we do.

The bloody terror organization that calls itself the NRA is going to do what it always does, and try to push back on this. We simply cannot let it happen anymore. If these terrorists don’t want to talk about reasonable measures to curb this kind of violence, then they should rightly be ignored. We either do this, or we are going to face a day when a trip to the gas station means strapping on a bandolier and loading up, and I simply do not want to live in that kind of a country.

I hope you don’t either.


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