They may be drug testing welfare recipients in Florida (and spending about $10 for every $1 they purportedly save, at last count,) but that doesn’t mean Florida Rushpubliscums are completely stingy. Some people, they treat just fine. Namely, those who have their noses up the asses of the incoming Rushpubliscum leadership.

Ah yes, more of that “good governance” the Rushpubliscum Party prides itself on. While the lowly peons like teachers and state troopers get little to nothing, cronies are riding the gravy train, just like they do here in Ohio. These days, it really isn’t what you know. Not by a long shot.


Florida’s new legislative leaders handed out hefty raises and salaries to many of their top staff members and newly hired talent even as thousands of state workers went for a sixth year without a bump in pay.

Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford, who were sworn in last month, immediately hired new chiefs of staff and paid them more than taxpayers pay state Cabinet officials. They are paying 62 top policy advisors and staff directors more than $100,000 a year. And they gave salary increases totaling $252,000 to their 17 highest-paid employees.

Giving the most in raises was Gaetz, R-Niceville, who promoted 10 people who were already making more than $100,000 a year in state jobs. The biggest promotion went to his top aide, Chris Clark, whose salary jumped from $77,000 as an aide in Gaetz’s legislative office to $150,000 as the Senate president’s chief of staff. Clark started in the Legislature in 1994, making $12,771 a year. Gaetz said Clark’s salary is commensurate with those of previous chiefs of staff.

Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, gave more-modest pay increases to his highest-earning staffers. Seven employees, who earned more than $100,000, got raises totaling $52,000.

The salaries were “based on a number of factors including increased workload, matching offers made by other organizations, merit, recommendations from supervisors and years of service,” said Ryan Duffy, a spokesman for Weatherford. (Duffy is paid $95,000, a $20,000 increase over what he was making last year as spokesman for the House Republican office.)

State workers, by contrast, have not seen a pay raise in six years. Last year, the Legislature also tapped into their take-home pay by deducting 3percent to pay the annual contribution to the Florida Retirement System. The result is a 15 percent drop in earning power for most state workers, labor unions say.

What? YEWNYEUNS?!? Them YEWNYEUNS is EVIL!!!! Gotsd to GET RID of THEM! They just cost TOO much!

I guess it’s a good thing these “conservatives” are watching out for the taxpayers, huh?

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