Jim DeMint, one of the most viciously racist, misogynist, elitist, and homophobic fungi ever to infest the Senate, is going away. To the Heritage Foundation, which lacks a few sheets and a burning cross or two to completely emerge as what it really is.

This is a good thing. The bad thing is that South Carolina is presently in the stranglehold of the Administration of “Naughty Nikki” Haley, a ditz who will undoubtedly pick an even bigger idiot than DeMint is to send to Washington. If, indeed, you can get her out of the high-end boutiques long enough to get her to make a decision.

South Carolina, sadly, is a vast mental institution without the proper gate controls. DeMint was a fitting representative of that society, as he did nothing but blather, pander, fearmonger, and drool the entire time he was in the Senate. Legislative accomplishments? Not so much. Of course.

It should be legally required of him that he must return to South Carolina, and never leave there again. To ensure this, he should be fitted with an explosive ankle monitor that would detonate upon a GPS reading of him anywhere outside the borders of South Carolina. He, and the rest of the Rushpubliscums of South Carolina, are dangerous menaces to decent society, and they ought to be treated accordingly.


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