This election proved to be more than a  little heated, and I must admit that my participation was fueled by a deep- seated emotion, and staunch disdain for the religious zealots claiming to know what my life should look like. I went from quiet inconspicuous house-wife, to opinionated protester, trash-talking instigator, and marginally psychotic superhero.

I never cared about politics until this election because, let’s face it, I was high my whole life until a year ago,  but with  this election my rights were being threatened, my beliefs were being donkey-punched, and my disdain for those who piss in their own holy water erupted and spilled into words. I began to fight for something I had never known to be in danger, and I tirelessly bit at anyone who wagged their self-righteous finger in my face or tried shoving their  hateful ‘Christian’ dicks down my throat.

Most of the lunacy revolved solely around abortion and rape, and the fuel to my fire wasn’t just the asinine beliefs, but that these pro-fetus activists weren’t just women. The loudest of the fire came from the mouths of men who thought we’d like to hear their opinions , men who, if elected, could begin a process of taking away my rights, changing laws and forcing women to carry a fetus full term. Some of these men were even brave enough to make up their own theories, and use their Christianity to campaign this drivel.  Todd Akin believes a body will automatically abort a fetus conceived by legitimate rape. Richard Mourdock thinks all fetuses are a gift from God, even if they are out of incest or rape. Paul Ryan believes the only time abortion should be legal is if the mother is in danger of dying, and he only ‘sometimes’ thinks that is appropriate.

This is how it would look:  An incest survivor who gets pregnant with, let’s say, her father’s child isn’t allowed to abort it. Think about the risks involved with the mental condition of the victim, as well as the  chances of birth defect in the fetus.  A 14 year old child who has been repeatedly raped by her father finds out she is pregnant. She tells her counselor at school, who then notifies the proper authorities, and CPS gets involved. This girl spends the next 3 months in foster care, scared, alone and pregnant with a baby she clearly does not want, or does not understand.

Now her body is changing, and by month 4 all kinds of symptoms are occurring that she did not ask for or want, but if she’s lucky, a family member has gotten her out of foster care. She carries the baby while going to court to testify against her father (her rapist), goes to her doctor’s appointments that are paid for by our tax dollars,  waits in the office for 2 hours or more due to the lack of funding for these kinds of clinics, then one day, has the baby.What does she do with it? Does she put it up for adoption after caring for it, and quite possibly learning to love it? If so, what effect will that have on her? 9 months of going through the most physically and emotionally trying time of a woman’s life might make that decision downright impossible, and very, very painful.

Does she keep the child, knowing that (depending on the state), her rapist has rights to her child?  Does she instantly become a parent and just accept that he gets to make sound decisions, get the child every other weekend, and quite possibly assault that child, as well? What if the court deems this child-mother to be unfit as a parent and takes the child away, or even gives sole custody to Dad?

Here’s one, the chances of this baby having mental and physical challenges are incredibly high, so let’s add into the mix that this child conceived of rape/incest is also born with Down Syndrome, or a physical handicap. A young mother, no matter how the child was conceived, is legally unable to sign a contract, buy a home or even buy alcohol, yet Conservative Christians believe she is able to make adult decisions required to raise a child.

This logic fails and is not in the best interest of anyone but those who claim they would not do it themselves. If they don’t learn to keep their bibles out of our vaginas, we will end up as enslaved as any 3rd world country.

My home was a happy home on election night, but if we don’t find a way to remove the stain of  these pseudo-Christians, next election night may not prove as celebratory.



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