Not a pleasant thing to view, is it? And if we are uncomfortable viewing it, imagine what it must be like to have to live with it.

Well, as it happens, you can get a real good idea of what it’s like by talking to the wife of Brad Staats. Brad is the recently-defeated Rushpubliscum candidate for Congress from the Nashville area. And as you can see, Brad fits the “Family Values” model that we’ve all come to know perfectly.


Less than three weeks after he lost a bid to represent Nashville in Congress, Republican nominee Brad Staats was arrested on a domestic assault charge after allegedly slapping his wife, Bethany.

A police affidavit said officers were dispatched to the couple’s Hermitage home Sunday after receiving a call from Bethany Staats, who said her husband had slapped her in the face.

“Ms. Staats did have a red mark on her left cheek consistent with her statement,” the affidavit said. “Mr. Staats when questioned stated that during a verbal argument he pushed his wife Ms. Staats down onto a bed then left the location.”

In a brief phone interview Monday, Staats said the situation was “not what it appears to be.” He declined to comment further and refused to identify his attorney.

The Tennessee Republican Party declined to comment, saying it “can’t speak for Mr. Staats.”


Do they really need to? Mr. Staats speaks for THEM. He’s just the latest one in a long line of Rushpubliscum cheaters, diaper-fetishists, closet queens, thieves, drunks, dopers, liars, and pedophiles. There are so many like him in the Rushpubliscum Party that his own story is unremarkable.

Kind of sad, when you think about it.

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