In the 2004 election cycle, Der Rovesmarschall was most worried about Howard Dean, who had shown an ability to get widely disparate ideological groups to line up behind him during his tenure as Governor of Vermont. Der Rovesmarschall immediately, and relentlessly, focused most of his negative attention on Dean in the early stages of the 2004 Presidential campaign, ultimately resulting in getting the media to hyperventilate over the so-called “Dean Scream” that Rove then peddled furiously to try to make Dean look like a lunatic. The media, always friends of Rove, obliged, and the best Presidential candidate we’ve had in 40 years was sent packing.

Obviously, Rove taught people how to get the job done. Because the President went after the opponent most likely to dethrone him REALLY early. And he was definitely correct in singling out the most likely threat. I have precious little use for Huntsman, but compared to Willard, he’s a knight in shining armor.


One of the first Republican candidates knocked out of the GOP primary race may have been President Obama’s most dangerous rival.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has revealed that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman – known for his moderate credentials and three outspoken daughters – was thought to be the biggest threat to the president’s re-election chances.
Huntsman dropped out of the race after betting big on a New Hampshire primary victory, and then placing third behind Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.
But Messina said Huntsman might have been the Republican Party’s best chance in the general election.
“We were honest about our concerns about Huntsman. I think Huntsman would have been a very tough general election candidate,” Messina said, during a forum sponsored by Politico this week.
“We looked at his profile in a general election and thought he would have been difficult,” he added.
Messina, however, denied that naming him U.S. ambassador to China during Obama’s first term was an attempt to neutralize him for 2012. Huntsman’s service in the Obama administration ultimately hurt him with many Republican voters.
“No, I thought he was a committed American who would serve our country well and he did,” Messina said.

Uh, sure. Jon Huntsman, out of all people, was the guy you pick to send halfway across the world, for absolutely no ulterior motives.

You’ll forgive me my skepticism this time. As a sane person, Huntsman stuck out like a sore thumb. Of COURSE he’d be one you’d want to put in cold storage.

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