Once upon a time, Americans could have reasonable discussions about how much firepower was too much. Then, the NRA resorted to flat-out terrorist tactics, promising politicians that their careers would end if they dared support any kind of gun control, in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

That worked fine when the angry old white people were the most heavily represented group at the polls. But it appears that, at long last, the NRA may be facing the loss of its terrorist clout.

I certainly hope so. I’m tired of the rivers of blood these terrorists have turned loose on us.


The Sunlight Foundation analyzed election spending by the National Rifle Association, and determined that the group had a less than 1 percent return on its more than $11 million investment.

The study, based on FEC reporting, found that the NRA backed 27 winning candidates, but only 0.42 percent of the $11,787,523 it spent on the election went to those candidates. Instead, 78 percent of the money went to opposing Democrats. From the report:

- 0.81% of $10,955,688 spent in the general election and ending in the desired result.
– Supported 27 winning candidates ; 0.42% of money went to supporting winning candidates.
– Opposed 5 losing candidates; 0.39% of money went to opposing losing candidates.

Maybe even more than the racist clowns who style themselves the “Tea Party,” the NRA needed to be brought down. Americans will enjoy safer, saner streets when we can agree that a weapon that is only good for mowing down large numbers of human beings is probably too much weapon to have circulating freely.


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