One of the more interesting little statistics to emerge from last week’s election is a bit of a shocker. It’s also got to burn Willard, way down deep. I know I’d feel slighted if I found out that my brothers of the faith thought this guy was a better Presidential candidate than I was.


A post-election poll by the Pew Forum showed that President George W. Bush actually garnered a higher percentage of the Mormon vote than Mitt Romney, the first major party candidate of the Mormon faith. But Romney posted substantial improvement among Jewish and Catholic voters, evidence Republican efforts to target those two demographic groups were not for naught.

According to the survey, while eight out of every 10 Mormons voted for Bush in 2004, Romney pulled 78 percent of Mormons — two percentage points lower.

The stats on Willard’s capturing more Catholic and Evangelical voters than McCain did…. not surprising to me. There was a reason for the almost-unvarnished racism and misogyny. The problem, of course, is that Willard undoubtedly cost himself enough women at the same time, to sink him. I am personally aware of a woman married to a Klanservative Klanbagger that voted for the President, and is scared to death her husband might find out about it.

She need not worry about me ever telling on her. I’m proud of her stand against stupidity. I’m sure that she’s far from the only one.

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