The Shah of Scum most certainly meant to try to re-create 2000 in 2012, and he would have succeeded, were it not for all the other states Rove simply could not control in this election cycle. Rick Scott’s aggressive campaign to disenfranchise Florida voters has had the intended effect. Now that he has failed so utterly, could we please get someone in the Justice Department to start making this tool obey the law?


President Barack Obama has won re-election. But it may be a while before it’s known whether he or GOP challenger Mitt Romney won Florida.

As the election wound down Tuesday night, it became evident that Florida was too close to call. There were 200,000 ballots still be counted, and Obama’s lead was less than that – about 50,000 votes.

Midnight struck, and Romney delivered his concession speech. Then, Obama gave his victory speech. But Florida was still counting.

Wednesday, election officials in nine counties began the process of counting provisional and overseas ballots. Obama’s lead as of 4 p.m. Wedneday was .58 percent, just outside the .5 percent difference that would trigger a recount.

Provisional and and overseas numbers may not be finalized until late this week or early next week.

State election officials say they don’t “call” elections or color a state red or blue. That’s done by media organizations, and most are holding off until a final tally is complete.

Long lines at the polls and last-minute absentee ballots prevented votes from being counted Tuesday in some locations. Miami-Dade elections officials said 18,000 uncounted absentee votes would be tallied Wednesday; Pinellas officials said they had 9,000 to count the day after the election.

Officials said the votes were absentee ballots that had been dropped off shortly before polls closed Tuesday evening, and elections workers still needed to verify the signatures and run the ballots through the voting machines.


Nobody is mentioning here that the Shah has done everything in his power to keep those lines long, including the shaving off of days in which one could go vote early. Couple that with his aggressive purges of MOSTLY legitimate voters from the Florida rolls (and you’d just be SHOCKED to find out that most of those voters were puyrged from heavily Democratic areas,) and his intent becomes clear.

Well, you know…. go ahead, Shah. This time, you can give Florida to the candidate you preordained, and it won’t matter. But it’s past time that a stop was put to these shenanigans.

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