And Ohio did it. Karl Rove apparently went into full meltdown, which makes me strongly suspect that he had something cooking with Husted. But Ohio wouldn’t have even mattered. Obama held every state he got in 2008 with the exceptions of North Carolina and Indiana,  and I think he could have held North Carolina, if he’d campaigned there.

This election, more than the 2008 election, will be seen years from now as the one that marked a decisive and likely permanent change in American national politics. Not only did the President get re-elected, an openly lesbian Senator (who I happily donated to) has been elected in Wisconsin, and gay marriage and marijuana initiatives on State ballots look to pass. When you think about 2004, which was only 8 YEARS AGO, the change is stunning.

What happened? You know what happened. The selfish freeloaders of the “Lamest Generation” of boomers who saddled us with Saint Ronnie and Boy George have begun to leave us in substantial numbers, while those coming up behind them have been a little browner, and a lot more tolerant of differences. The Rushpubliscum Party went back to its electoral formula of pandering to religious bigots, racists, misogynists, and homophobes, thinking they’d pull one more off, and they failed miserably. But don’t expect them to change their ways; they didn’t in 2008, and they won’t NOW. They appear to have concluded that it is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, and they still reign in the old Confederacy and the sparsely populated west. Not only will they not change, it is my suspicion that the ones who return to Washington in 2013 will be even worse than the Klanbagger Kaukus of 2010 was. They got there because of hate, and hate is what they’ll continue to offer up.

What will the President be able to do, then? I wonder myself. I know that if I were he, I would absolutely let the “taxmageddon” event take place if that drunk son of a bitch in the House continues to refuse to compromise. That one thing, by itself, will be a catalyst for getting the country’s financial footing back on track. And of course, the other hugely important issue in this campaign was the possibility of SCOTUS Justices. The President will be able to appoint jurists who will quit “legislating from the Koch brothers” and get back to making decisions in line with Constitutional principles. What happened tonight may well preserve the Republic for decades, and it was the primary motivator for me to vote as I did, in the end. The larger questions, of course, are not answered, and likely won’t be answered. We don’t know yet who will finally step up and admit that our military posturing is no longer in line with either our interests or our resources. Afghanistan in 2014 is a great start, but it only amounts to a down payment. As this country crumbles, we simply cannot afford to continue to spend the kind of money we do on defense. Either we find a way to curtail that spending rather sharply, or we still fail. This President may well be too tied down to address that issue, but I certainly hope we can begin to at least talk about it pretty soon. Better to talk now, than to collapse later.

Eh…. fodder for later. What is remarkable tonight is what happened, in spite of all the historical indicators (and a lot of right-wing gasbag prediction.) The America that emerged tonight is not the America that went into tonight. That much is clear. What kind of America it IS will be seen in the days to come.


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