I have been accused of insensitivity for portraying Pam Geller with the artifacts of Nazi Germany. That I should be more sensitive to her heritage.


Geller’s hateful diatribes against anyone and everyone that she finds to be less than her view of a human being puts her way of “thinking” right there in the Big Leagues of genocidal lunatics. In terms of her bigotry, and her prescriptions for her perceived enemies, she’s no different than the Big Guy, save for not being in control of all the forces old Adolf had at his disposal.

We should probably be thankful for that. Really thankful.


Pamela Geller discussed with Janet Mefferd her new campaign with ads that read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man,” and the arrest of journalist Mona Eltahawy for vandalizing one the ads in a New York subway station. In a blog post, Geller called Eltahawy’s actions “a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome” since she survived physical and sexual assault while detained by Egypt’s Interior Ministry. Geller backtracked in the interview and said she didn’t refer to her actions as a case of Stockholm syndrome, even though she did exactly that on her blog, but went on to say that Eltahawy now stands up for the “savage” (i.e. Muslim) only “once they become Jew-haters.” Or maybe, because unlike Geller, Eltahawy does not paint all Muslims with the same brush and blame every single Muslim for the attack she faced in Egypt.

Mefferd: This is interesting, you write today about this woman Mona Eltahawy who went and defaced your ad in the name of free speech, it was just vandalism, the Stockholm syndrome angle was new to me, I had not realized she had been assaulted last year. Why in the world would she go from being assaulted in Cairo to doing this, wouldn’t she think these people were savages after what she went through?

Geller: Why indeed. Actually the word that she used for them at the time was beasts, they were beastly, she said. I guess they cease being beastly once they become Jew-haters, once they’re Jew-haters they are I guess cleansed of any beastliness. I don’t mean to be funny but it’s really true, it’s the same jihad, it’s the same mandate that possessed them in Tahrir Square that possess them in their war on the Jews in Israel. Yes I agree it was decidedly—I know people have called it Stockholm syndrome, I don’t, because when the attacks were on her she saw it in crystal clear moral terms, when the attacks are against the tiny state of Israel, then all the sudden she is attacking.


There is no reasoning with people like this. In different eras, she’d probably have been committed for the safety of the public. She clearly needs to dry out, and once she dries out, then perhaps psychiatry could figure out what went wrong with her.

Until then, I guess we can look forward to ever-more of the kind of hysterical fearmongering that made the Nazis such a formidable bunch in Germany. If this was a country that was comprised of mostly the same ethnicity, I have no doubt in my mind that we’d have Geller-types in charge here.

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