The Koch brothers made a pretty good investment in their stooge Scott Walker, who continues to dismantle Wisconsin and hand it over to them. They made qa decent investment in Rick Snyder, and Corbett in Pennsylvania has done them pretty proud too.

From there, however, it becomes a game of diminishing returns.

I’m no fan of John Kasich, but he does back off when it is made clear to him that Ohio voters are solidly against him. His call for a tax on fracked gas was also something of a stunner, since that kind of a call usually results in your summary execution in Grover’s Rushpubliscum Party. Something tells me Kashitch likes being Governor and would like to hang on. And Ohio voters are known for some pretty stupid decisions, so he just might.

However, the massive investment in Josho the Clown isn’t going to pay off. Ohio voters do not like the guy, and they like him less with every new ad blitz. S`enator Brown now has a lead that doesn’t get eclipsed at this stage of the game.

The question we all have, of course, is what Josho will do now. Is there some other position the Kochs have in mind for him, beyond the customary kneeling position he usually assumes before them? It will be interesting to see.


Despite an onslaught of more than $18 million in outside money to knock him from the U.S. Senate, Democrat Sherrod Brown holds a 7-point lead over GOP state Treasurer Josh Mandel in a new Dispatch/Ohio Newspaper Organization Poll.

Brown’s margin of 52 percent to 45 percent among likely voters is bolstered by a 14-point advantage with women.

“Sherrod Brown is a really smart guy,” said Mary Mynatt, 61, a retired state employee from Grove City. “I think he does a good job in Congress.

“I just have to contrast him with his opponent, who seems to be politically motivated. (Mandel’s) ads just drive me crazy. (Mandel is) kind of full of himself. He’s wet behind the ears, he kind of reminds me of a little squawky bird.”


He reminds me of a cheap, shameless prostitute. And I apologize to all the prostitutes I just insulted. None of them are anywhere near as sleazy as Josho the Clown is. Or as stupid.

Josho thought that crowing about having been a Marine would make up for the fact that he’s ignorant, corrupt, and utterly worthless. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Even in Ohio, some stupid is simply TOO stupid. And Josho…. you’re too stupid to breathe.

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