Well, the guy did say THOSE people, did he not? And he clearly meant it.

This is someone who appears to be hellbent on driving all the non-Aryans to the polls for Barack Obama. I don’t recall having ever seen, or heard, anything as insulting as this is. Except for Willard’s video. And Ann’s “you people.” These are not very smart folks, for people with so much money, are they?


A member of my PostPartisan posse — a few self-appointed people around the country who are kind enough to serve as my eyes and ears outside the Washington bubble — has alerted me that folks are buzzing about a possible dark secret out of Coral Gables, Fla., about Mitt Romney. Why did the Republican presidential nominee appear to be downright fake-baked at the Univision forum last night?

Click the link, and look at the picture below the first one. The writer seems to think that the two pictures kind of exonerate each other. I certainly don’t think so. I think the two pictures, taken together, kind of make the case that this was, for reasons only Dog knows, deliberately done.

What on Earth was the message here? That Willard really meant what he said when he talked about how much easier things would be if he was Latino? Was this some kind of Al Jolson “blackface” dog whistle? I am completely confused as to what the intent was here.

Whatever the intent was, it appears that this one is going to bomb just as hard as everything else Willard does. The guy is now thoroughly despised in his home state, a state he used to be Governor of. But he doesn’t seem to be happy with being hated in just one state. He wants to expand that to as many other states as he can before we get to November.

And he is doing a heckuva job, that Brownie.

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