To the surprise of no one who knows anything about the flag-waving, lapel-pin wearing Rushpubliscum Party, when they had a chance to show America’s Armed Forces veterans how much they appreciate their hard work and sacrifice, they gave them a big middle finger instead.

It would seem that to get Mooch McConnell and the boys behind you, you have to be one of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, or some other moneyman. If you are just a grunt, jarhead, swab, or flyboy who served your country with honor, they haven’t got the time of day for you.


The Veterans Job Corps Act died in the Senate Wednesday on a procedural vote when 40 senators balked at the $1 billion price tag for a measure that would have provided employment for veterans in conservation work, in Veterans Affairs Department cemeteries, and helped in police and fire departments.

Supporters needed 60 votes and got only 58 to overcome an objection by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., that the $1 billion in costs, although paid for through budgetary gimmicks, would have pushed VA over the spending limits set by last year’s Budget Control Act.

The vote brought an early end to a measure that was already likely to fail. While the bill was a top priority of President Obama and many veterans’ organizations, the House of Representatives had no plans to take it up for consideration this year.


Perhaps now, at long last, our military members will understand who it is who is looking out for THEM, and who it is who doesn’t give a damn if they live or die. A billion waving flags won’t get one veteran the training he or she needs to carry on with a productive and fulfilling life. The Rushpubliscums threw them in the meat grinder, and then they threw our veterans out with the garbage.

I would expect no less from these “Lamest Generation” cowards, many of who came up with some really inventive ways to stay out of Vietnam. I tell you again, because I know it is true: if you actually serve, they think it is because you were “too stupid” to find a way to NOT serve. This was, and is, their mentality. Willard. Beauregard Sessions. Tom Coburn. Cowards, pussies, and ungrateful leeches who have sucked all they can out of this society, and fully intend to bleed it to the bone.

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