I once praised Jon Husted. I even mistakenly believed that he’d actually try to play a little bit fair.

I know better now. Like all Ohio Rushpubliscums (save for a tiny sliver of their numbers, like the remarkable Mayor of Wilmington, Randy Riley,) Ohio Rushpubliscums are interested into holding onto their power at all costs. And if one of the things that helps them happens to be preventing Ohioans from voting, then the Rushpubliscum Party has no problem with that. They aim to discourage as many voters as possible from voting, by whatever means are necessary to prevent the voting from occurring. And no Court is going to stop Jon Husted from doing what the Rushpubliscum Party wants done.


Secretary of State Jon Husted has ordered county elections boards not to set voting hours on the weekend before Election Day until a federal appeals court gets to weigh in.

Last week, a federal judge sided with the Obama campaign and Ohio Democrats and ordered the state to open polling places on the three days prior to Election Day. Ohio Republicans passed a law last year that ended early in-person voting on the Friday before Election Day, and Husted issued a separate order prohibiting early voting hours on any weekend.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said he will appeal the ruling, so Husted wants county election boards to hold off in setting voting hours those last three days. Setting new hours while the case is still under review “would further confuse voters to set hours now that the court may change later,” he said.


Husted is ready to take this all the way to the SCOTUS, so determined is he to stop Ohioans from voting. This tells me that things must not be as rosy here for Willard as Assmussen keeps insisting they are. Hopefully, Husted will be thwarted, because if he isn’t, the rest of us surely will be.

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