Oligarchs the world over know that the first step towards turning a country into a place full of dullards who will just blindly follow along with anything you want to do is to destroy the information system. Here in this country, they’ve rendered the mainstream media into an approximation of the old USSR’s Pravda, or North Korea’s KCNA. The MSM here is an organ of slavish subservience to the Rushpubliscum Party, which has managed to get them to shut up about the truth by screaming “LIBRUL BIAS!!!” every time someone dares to try to tell the truth about what is really happening in the world. And, to ice that cake, they even placed their own propaganda organ in the middle of all of it, since our MSM is now too compromised, and scared, to disagree with anything that they might decide to put on their own network. The co-opting of the media by the oligarchy in this country amounts to a silent coup, and therefore a treason.

But our traitors aren’t satisfied with re-writing the truth in our country alone. They are busy subverting the legitimate media everywhere in the world that they can, as we learn is the case in Israel. One of our worst traitors is doing to Israel what he and his buddies did to us.

I really hope that the Israeli people take a long, hard look at us, and decide to stop this before it goes too far.


Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul who is one of the largest donors to Mitt Romney and the Republican party, has been accused of bringing “ruin” to Israel’s newspaper industry.


The American owner of the Sands Casino in Las Vegas has poured money into a free daily newspaper called Yisrael Hayom (Israel Today) that shows a slavish loyalty to Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu.


Aggressive marketing and popularity among Netanyahu supporters has rocketed the paper to the top of Israel’s newspaper industry, bringing competitors to their knees.


The iconic Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv is close to bankruptcy — and is likely to soon become an online-only publication except on weekends.


Another paper, Yedioth Ahronoth, which used to command about 60% of the Israeli market, recently laid off dozens of its staff.


Haaretz, the left-leaning intellectual broadsheet, announced 70 layoffs this month.


“Yisrael Hayom has finished Ma’ariv, and it is now finishing Ha’aretz,” a senior Yedioth Ahronoth executive told the Israeli financial daily Globes. “The fact that a billionaire has come here and pours money on to the streets, destroying newspapers like Ma’ariv and Ha’aretz is an issue that has not received sufficient discussion. Adelson has simply brought ruin to the Israeli newspaper market, and the Israeli politicians who benefit from its flattering coverage have allowed this unprecedented phenomenon to occur.”


Sensing the danger in 2009, politicians of all stripes — encouraged by Yedioth and Ma’ariv — united in a failed bid to disqualify foreigners from owning a controlling stake in an Israeli newspaper.


“I don’t know what his motives are, but he’s touching Israeli democracy’s holy of holies — he’s molding the face of Israeli society,” said Daniel Ben-Simon, a Labor Party legislator. “Personally, I feel badly that a man who made most of his money in casinos or by means of casinos, who doesn’t know a word of Hebrew and doesn’t live here, should hold such a key.”


I feel badly too. I feel even worse that the Rushpubliscum politicians have used the media in this country to dumb down our own people, millions of who would argue that Adelson is a “job creator” who shouldn’t have to pay a dime in taxes.

This is what ALWAYS happens when you just keep handing money to the rich. A measurable number of them start destroying societies, in the hopes of remaking them into whatever their twisted view of the world may be.

Taxation isn’t just good for society. It’s an effective brake on sociopathy as well.

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