Every day, the Rushpubliscum Party takes us closer and closer to that land with that guy that Chimpy said he loathed so much ‘cuz he let his own people starve so he could spend money on guns.

Midwestern farmers pinched by drought have had to wait for relief because Rushpubliscums want to use a relief bill to slash food stamps, which are the only source of a decent meal for more and more Americans. And, how, do you ask, does this tie into what we saw happen in North Korea? I’m glad you asked that question. I’m always ready to explain what I say.

But first, let’s see what is happening to children all across America.


Three out of five public school teachers in Maryland say they have students who regularly come to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home, according to a new survey.

 The national survey from the nonprofit group Share Our Strength, to be released Thursday in Prince George’s County, also found that students who are hungry have lower academic performance and suffer from health issues and behavior problems.

“When students are hungry and distracted, they’re not learning,” U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a statement. “To set kids up for academic success, we must make sure they’re getting the healthy food they need at breakfast and lunch so they can concentrate in the classroom throughout the day.”

 The nonprofit group, which seeks to end hunger among school-age children, surveyed 1,000 elementary and middle school teachers nationwide for the report on hunger. An oversampling was taken of teachers in Colorado, Maryland, Arkansas and Los Angeles.

 “When you have teachers who want to see children learn, and more than half say this problem is getting worse — it’s not surprising, but it is powerful, it’s compelling and it’s something this country can’t tolerate,” Tom Nelson, president of Share Our Strength, said in an interview Wednesday. “We need our country to be strong and competitive, and that’s not going to happen if [students] are not supported to thrive and to learn.”

Mr. Nelson is quite mistaken, of course: we have a Presidential candidate who hides money offshore so he doesn’t have to pay even the measly share the rich are assessed in taxes, and his running mate is a Randiot who worships a meth head who once wrote that the poor are “fuel to be burned, mud to be trampled underfoot.”

Oh yeah…. North Korea. Let’s look at it.

The DPRK allotted everyone in the country rations based on a state distribution system. When that system broke down, millions of people no longer had any place to get anything to eat. As a result, hundreds of thousands (at least) of them died, of starvation and the diseases that malnutrition allow to ravage the body. To this very day, a substantial number of North Koreans are stunted from the malnutrition they suffered back in the 1990s.

Let us remember that while all that was going on, Kim Jong Il was the single largest importer of Hennessey Cognac in the world, and the DPRK built and tested several nuclear weapons.

Today, we have running for office a couple of guys who (1.) want to slash effective tax rates for the rich down to damn near ZERO, (2.) want to turn Medicare into a privatized voucher system that will most certainly come up WAY short when it comes to meeting the healthcare expenses of the elderly, (3.) want to spend even MORE money on defense, (4.) would like to get us into a new war with Iran, (5.) and want to slash food stamps, our equivalent of the DPRK’s distribution system for the poor.

Now you go ahead and tell me how these guys are different from the Kim family. But don’t bring me a bunch of FOX “News” bullshit. You look at what they say, and what they do, and you base it on THAT.

I eagerly await refutation of my assertion that there is, in fact, NO difference in Willard, Ryan, and the Kims of North Korea. They think EXACTLY alike.


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