As you may remember, Chimpy’s love of war got us into two of them at once. As you may also remember, those proud, lapel-pin wearing “patriots” scattered like roaches in a lit room, staying as far from a Recruiter’s Office as they could stay. As a result of this, two things happened. (1.) was that the people already enlisted in our military have been through rotation after rotation, which has led directly to the soaring suicide rates we see among Armed Forces personnel today. (2.) was that the Army, especially, had to lower its standards for acceptance, leading a whole lot of people into our military that we might not want there.

People like these.


They call it “rahowa” – short for racial holy war – and they are preparing for it by joining the ranks of the world’s fiercest fighting machine, the U.S. military.

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and skinhead groups encourage followers to enlist in the Army and Marine Corps to acquire the skills to overthrow what some call the ZOG – the Zionist Occupation Government. Get in, get trained and get out to brace for the coming race war.

 If this scenario seems like fantasy or bluster, civil rights organizations take it as deadly serious, especially given recent events. Former U.S. Army soldier Wade Page opened fire with a 9mm handgun at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on August 5, murdering six people and critically wounding three before killing himself during a shootout with police.

 The U.S. Defense Department as well has stepped up efforts to purge violent racists from its ranks, earning praise from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has tracked and exposed hate groups since the 1970s.

 Page, who was 40, was well known in the white supremacist music scene. In the early 2000s he told academic researcher Pete Simi that he became a neo-Nazi after joining the military in 1992. Fred Lucas, who served with him, said Page openly espoused his racist views until 1998, when he was demoted from sergeant to specialist, discharged and barred from re-enlistment.

 While at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, Page told Simi, he made the acquaintance of James Burmeister, a skinhead paratrooper who in 1995 killed a black Fayetteville couple in a racially motivated shooting. Burmeister was sentenced to life in prison and died in 2007.

 No one knows how many white supremacists have served since then. A 2008 report commissioned by the Justice Department found half of all right-wing extremists in the United States had military experience.

 ”We don’t really think this is a huge problem, at Bragg, and across the Army,” said Colonel Kevin Arata, a spokesman for Fort Bragg.

 ”In my 26 years in the Army, I’ve never seen it,” the former company commander said.

Riiight. Just like the rape of Armed Forces women isn’t a problem. Or PTSD isn’t a problem. Seriously, when have these clowns ever admitted that ANYTHING was a problem?

I first posted on this a long, long time ago, in the former iteration of this blog. Since then, only Dog knows how many vicious racists have had first-rate training, coupled with a plentiful supply of assault weapons once they got back on the streets. If we continue to ignore this, there will be hell to pay.

Just ask the folks in Wisconsin how that works.


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