They aren’t even trying to hide what they’re doing now.

In New Mexico, a full 14% of the voting population has been sent letters basically demanding that they jump through hoops to be allowed to continue to vote (the letter doesn’t explicitly say that, but anyone getting the letter would certainly THINK it.) In Ohio, voting hours in heavily Democratic areas are being curtailed, while they are being expanded in primarily Rushpubliscum areas. And of course, as we all know, in Pennsylvania a Klanbagger legislator came right out and admitted that the voter purges there were designed to get Willard elected President.

First of all, you know, as I know, that no respectable politician would want to “win” an election like this. The fact that Willard hasn’t spoken out about this just adds to all of the other things he’s said and done to convince us that he is a lying, hypocritical, cynical sociopath who wants what he wants, and doesn’t care how he gets it. I really thought that this country had scraped bottom when Junior and Deferment Dick appeared on a ticket, but the Willard/Randiot ticket will surpass even that one for its absolute worthlessness, as far as the running candidates go.

I am convinced Willard will lead us straight to an implosion, and multiple secessions. This cannot be allowed to pass. It is up to every last one of us to make sure that we do what we need to do. Here in Ohio, thankfully we have the option of voting absentee, and the scrutiny of those voters is considerably less than what it is for in-person voting. I’d recommed that you talk to your friends and neighbors, and urge them to exercise the absentee option. Unless your friends and neighbors are Rushpubliscvums, in which case I recomment you urge them to take a long vacation. Til around December, say.

2012 will either allow us to exist for a few years, which may be enough to figure out how to save this country, or it will mark the end of the US. I believe that. If you’ve been listening to Willard and that idiot Ryan, you should believe it too. Now, it’s up to you. Make sure you do what you can to convince people of the importance of this election.

I have an idiot relative who expects “race riots” in November if the President isn’t re-elected. My wife was much kinder to her than I would have been. As we all know, the “Tea Party” IS a race riot on Rascals. If the President is re-elected, I fully expect that the Loughners and Holmses will come out of the woodwork.

I’ll bet you I’m much closer to the truth of the matter.

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