I can’t think of a better running mate for Bishop Willard.

Willard is trying to coax us all to the vat for another drink, and Paul Ryan is the Randiot who’s mixing up the potion. This vile piece of shit, who was able to attend college because of Social Security survivors’ benefits, has now spent years trying to make sure that nobody else ever again is able to utilize that benefit.

Think about it. Willard hates this country so much he’s hiding money everywhere but under his father’s tombstone to avoid paying any taxes on it, so why wouldn’t he want a running mate who is every bit as much of an ungrateful hypocrite as he is?

Hell, these two ought to marry. I guess it’s too bad the Jesusistanis who run the party would never allow such a thing.


With Republican Mitt Romney on the verge of choosing a vice presidential running mate, conservatives have mounted a concerted campaign to boost the chances of Representative Paul Ryan, the architect of his party’s controversial budget-cutting plan.

 Often likening Ryan to Ronald Reagan, conservatives say the Wisconsin lawmaker’s supposed drawbacks as a candidate – mostly stemming from the steep cuts in social safety net programs he has proposed – are actually strengths that could bring heft, content and perhaps a spark to Romney’s campaign.

 Romney, in an interview Thursday with NBC News, gave no indication who he might pick, but outlined what he was looking for in a running mate.

 ”I certainly expect to have a person that has a strength of character, a vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country,” he said.

Did you smile when you read what Willard says he wants in a VP candidate? I certainly did. Everyone knows that people fitting Willard’s description were run out of the Rushpubliscum Party a long time ago.

All the Rushpubliscums have left are liars, perverts, thieves, racists, religious wackadoos, and Randiots. And Ryan is certainly in enough of THOSE categories, at least.

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