Meet Scott Smith. He may look like a dullard, but he certainly follows the news. He’s well aware of current events, as we learned from the Westlake Police Department.


Westlake investigators are still trying to piece together what compelled Scott A. Smith, 37, of North Ridgeville to walk into a local movie theater with several weapons.

Smith’s mugshot shows a man with a stock build, unsmiling and staring at the camera. His light brown hair is buzzed, the same length as his mustache and beard.

Smith was arrested last Saturday night, after police say he walked into the Regal Cinemas in Crocker Parker, bought a movie ticket for the 10 p.m. “The Dark Knight Rises” movie, and walked into the theater with those weapons.

Officer Jeremiah Bullins, an off-duty Westlake Police officer who was working security, and the theater manager noticed the beige satchel Smith was carrying and became suspicious.

Smith was the first and only person inside that movie theater at the time. Westlake Police say he sat in the center seat in the back row, a place with “tactical advantage.”


“His back was to the wall. Basically, if he chose to do something there, all his potential victims were in front of him, and he would have an advantage over them,” said Lt. Ray Arcuri, with Westlake Police.


A total of 70 to 80 people later came to watch the movie. Officer Bullins and the theater manager approached Smith, and asked to see his bag, now on the floor and between his feet. Smith complied.

 Inside the bag was a fully loaded 9 mm pistol, two full magazines- each carrying about 16 per 17 rounds, and 3 knives. Officer Bullins found a fourth knife underneath Smith’s clothing.

 Smith was immediately arrested. He is now facing four counts of carrying various weapons, 1 count for carrying a concealed weapon, and a possible felony charge for having weapons under disability — stemming from a medication that could prohibit him from owning a firearm.

 He did not have a concealed carry permit.

 ”We’re unable to establish a motive right now, or what his plans were,” said Arcuri.

 They took his truck, and the tactical vest inside into evidence and searched his North Ridgeville home, finding a room dedicated to weapons in the house he shared with his wife and one-year-old daughter.

 ”Lot of long guns in there, pistols, a lot of ammunition,” said Arcuri. Smith’s wife told police she knew about the gun room, but had no idea what his motive would be.

 Neighbors say it leaves them with lots of questions.

 ”It just shocks me and it’s like, what here? This person? He doesn’t seem at all like the kind of person that would do something like that,” Pati Habenicht.

“Makes me not want to go to the movies because of what happened at the other movie theater, and now this again. It’s just scary,” said Ashlie Larissey, who frequently walks past his Emerald Street home.


Now, every single time we try to start a sane discussion on what kind of weaponry is reasonable in the hands of citizens, and what we might do to make sure that really bad things don’t wind up in the hands of really bad people, the NRA screams that “THEY GON’ TAKE YOUR FREEDOM!!! YOU GOTS TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ENOUGH GUNS TO KILL A SMALL TOWN!!! NO REGISTRATION!!! NO RESTRICTIONS, EVER!!! REGISTERIN’ GUNS IS COMMANISM, MAN!!!”

Well, I’d like to ask the tiny-peckered cowards of the NRA just exactly why MY freedom isn’t important to them. Why is it that I have to worry about every fucking public place I go now, wondering if some broke-dick nutjob is waiting down the hall, or a few seats back of me, with 1000 rounds of ammo and a couple of assault rifles? Where is MY freedom to go about my business unmolested? And please, spare me the bullshit argument about “well if everyone had guns…” You know what you have when every fucking one of us has to pack heat to go to the grocery store? You have fucking Mogadishu. Is that what the NRA wants for America?

I have to believe it is. And I also have to believe that all the littlepeckers running around shooting off their mouths about guns and FREEDOM would either be so scared to leave home that they’d starve to death, or they’d be the first ones eliminated because they’re too fucking stupid to piss, if we ever got to that point.

The NRA is a fucking terrorist organization, and because of them, more and more of us are scared shitless to go outside and get some fresh air. It’s that simple. I’m sick to death of their terrorism, myself. How many more clowns like this one have to appear before we do something about them?

Maybe we should chip in, and send a few cases of Enzyte to NRA headquarters. If it does the job, perhaps these peckerless wish-we-were-men wouldn’t feel the need to gather up all the assault weapons they can get their little hands on.


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