We’ve been awfully hard on Willard’s constant changing of positions on (name issue here.) Willard really could run against himself, and debate himself, and he’d probably have about half the country behind him, and the other half would be…. behind him.

Sadly for Willard, he can’t spin off a clone, so he’s stuck with trying to explain his contradictory positions. But there’s at least one area where he has been remarkably consistent, never wavering, or changing his tune. Willard has consistently played to the not-so-subtle racism of his Klanservative “base,” with overture after overture to the white sheet set. Whether it was his “vote for the darkie and get free stuff,” or his “I’m, white, so I understand Anglo-Saxon stuff,” or his “Palestinians are poor because they’re Arabs” stuff, Willard has been one of the more notably racist candidates to run for higher office since George Wallace gave it a try.

His latest pronouncement also stands him in good stead with the Krazy Klanservative Klanbaggers. They’ll light a hundred crosses for him this weekend.


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will launch a new attack against President Barack Obama on Tuesday, taking aim at the Democrat’s plan to waive parts of a landmark welfare-to-work law.


Romney is targeting Obama’s plan to let states seek a waiver from the work requirements of a 1996 welfare law that was a signature bipartisan achievement of former Democratic President Bill Clinton’s administration.


Romney’s attack, laid out in a new television ad and a topic he will address at a campaign event in the Chicago area, is aimed at bolstering his charge that Obama’s solutions to many of America’s problems is to rely on government.


“Middle-class Americans are working harder and harder to make ends meet. Under President Obama, they have fewer jobs and less take-home pay. And now, President Obama wants to take their hard-earned tax dollars and give it to welfare recipients without work requirements,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul.


The directive from the Health and Human Services Department allows states to pursue a waiver from the work requirement of the welfare law in order to test alternative strategies that would help needy families find jobs. The aim is to give states some flexibility in how they carry out the welfare law as some state governors have advocated, rather than sticking to a rigid formula.


But the health department’s decision has generated strong opposition from Republicans. In the House, 76 Republicans complained in a letter to Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who sought to assure them that states will have to move at least 20 percent more people from welfare to work.


But in a bare-knuckled presidential campaign, such nuances are quickly cast aside, and Romney is going full throttle after Obama on the issue.


“Obama guts welfare reform,” says the video script of the Romney ad, while a voice says: “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check.”


Yeah, we’re never, ever supposed to recognize how bad things have gotten. And we SURE aren’t supposed to ask the rich for even a farthing extra. So let those poor people, a LOT of who happen to be brown skinned, go Cheney themselves!

Willard’s daddy would be just aghast at what a racist piece of shit he managed to raise. Of course, Willard’s daddy couldn’t have existed in the Rushpubliscum Party that his son now owns.

It’s a sad damn thing, how thoroughly the sons have fucked over the legacies of their fathers.

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