I told you a little while ago about the increasing anger among Israeli citizens at the exemptions given to orthodox religious students that allows them to avoid service in the Israeli Armed Forces. But that story is only one of many coming out of Israel as of late.

As you may be aware, Israelis staged massive protests against the high cost of renting last year. Bibi Netanyahu had to turn to a coalition that has a lot of hard-right religious loons in it to form a Government, and it appears that his coalition is collapsing. It appears to me that Netanyahu’s speed in blaming Iran for a bus bomb attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria probably stems more from the collapse of his coalition than it does from any actual evidence of an Iranian attack. Given Iran’s behavior in the past 30 years, I think there are a lot of reasons to be suspicious of Bibi’s narrative. As Johnnie Cochran famously said, if it doesn’t fit…

Yes, we know there is a lot of trouble in Israel these days. But it could be that our ever blind-and-deaf MSM isn’t informing us of just how bad it may be getting there. According to this Israeli-born writer, things are a lot worse in Israel than we are aware of here in the USofA.

I was stunned to learn some of the things here. I think you will be too.


Israeli Generals expressed dismay yesterday over a violent assault on a senior Air Force officer perpetrated by a gang of soldiers.


Ynet reported yesterday that Maj. A., deputy commander of a squadron at the northern Ramat David Airbase was attacked near his home within the airbase.


An Israeli military source confirmed yesterday that three soldiers, who serve in a technical support unit, assaulted the officer over the weekend after he issued a complaint over their reckless driving on base premises, in violation of strict military regulations.


The three soldiers, apparently outraged by the pilot’s decision to lodge a complaint with their commanding officer, initially threatened to kill him in the presence of his children. They later attacked him outside his home, located on base, with wooden clubs until he nearly lost consciousness.


Ynet reported that Israeli army elite are in shock. “No one can believe that soldiers dared to strike a senior officer.”


According to Global Times Senior IAF officers have previously complained about having to deal with soldiers from harsh socioeconomic backgrounds. “With all due respect to the notion of the people’s army, my feeling is that the balance has been violated.”


Earlier this week we learned about an Israeli who set himself on fire during a Tel Aviv social protest. Israel, so it seems, is on the verge of disintegration. The images of social protests and violence towards top commanders within the military are clear signs of collapse of the Israeli national, cultural and ideological bond. It is not the Palestinians or the BDS who are going to bring down the Jewish State, it is actually the Israelis themselves. It is the supremacist and chauvinist ideology embedded within the Israeli philosophy and culture that make the Jewish State into an unbearable concept for its citizens let alone the indigenous people of the land i.e. the Palestinians.


So, it sounds like an increasingly impoverished Israeli mass is getting tired of being kicked around. They are in the streets, and the important psychological barrier against attacking your commanding officers has been breached. In the kind of a place that Israel occupies in the world, any disobedience of officers that becomes widespread will lead, as the author opines, to a complete societal collapse. Is it any wonder Bibi is so anxious to find Iran guilty of the terror attack in Europe?

Almost every society that collapses can be seen from the lens of history to be headed in that direction-but the actual collapse is usually sudden, triggered by what is often an isolated event. How close is Israel to that event?

As I said, maybe closer than any of us think.


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