Tennessee is the epicenter of the “Culture of Life” in “Family Values” America. The state does everything in its power to make it nearly impossible for a woman to get an abortion, and “Abstinence Only” education has been taken to a point where it is now state law to discourage “pre-sexual” activities like kids holding hands. It goes without saying that things like the prevention of STDs or unwanted pregnancies isn’t even a footnote in Tennessee’s “sex education.”

The predictable has happened, of course, as God-fearing Tennessee also happens to have one of the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies/teen moms in the nation. This is a tragedy in and of itself, but it gets worse.

It gets so much worse.


In the neo-natal intensive care unit at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, nurses give baby Grayson morphine every three hours to help ease his painful withdrawal symptoms.

“He’s currently on 160 micrograms,” said nurse Andrew Pressnell.

Other newborn babies shake and scream as nurses rush to administer care around the clock. Nearly half of the infants in the hospital’s NICU are suffering from opiate withdrawal — most from prescription painkillers.

Baby Grayson was quaking when he was admitted to the hospitals NICU at just 48 hours old. He was born with a serious drug dependency because his pregnant mother was addicted to painkillers. Grayson was brought to Children’s Hospital from another hospital to wait for a spot in its special unit for newborns detoxing from painkillers. This specialized unit, just for babies going through withdrawal, is now full.

In fact, out of the 58 babies in the hospital’s NICU, 23 of them are going through withdrawal from prescription pills, including OxyContin, Vicodin and methadone.

“I know people probably think I exaggerate when I say they have this very fearful look in their eyes, well they do,” said Carla Saunders, the NICU’s head nurse.

Saunders is helping develop a treatment program for these newborns by using a powerful combination of drugs, trial and error, and lots of love and care. It can take weeks, even months, for these tiny bodies to withdrawal from whatever their mothers were hooked on. It costs $53,000 per baby to wean them, and 60 percent of the cases are on Medicaid.

Saunders said she used to go home in tears after watching the newborns suffer, but over time, she has grown accustomed to it. She now pours her emotions into helping the little ones.

“When I started, you maybe had a withdrawal baby once in a while and then it was once a month, and then it was once a week and then it was once a day,” she said. “We got six this weekend, all at one time, within almost 48 hours.”

Baby Grayson had to wait two days for a spot to open up at the hospital’s specialized NICU. After a few days of being on morphine, the infant seemed to be a bit calmer and not as shaky — a big difference from when he was first brought in.

Ashton, Grayson’s mother, is just 19 years old. She told ABC News was still in high school when she tried Roxicodone, a prescription painkiller, for the first time as a party drug. Ashton said painkillers were easy to find.

“It’s crazy to see how many kids are strung out on opiates,” she said. “I mean, you go to school and that’s all you hear, that’s all they talk about, that’s all that’s there.”

Because of her drug habit, Ashton said she lost a college basketball scholarship and spent entire paychecks she earned from waitressing to buy the illegal prescription drugs. And she said she knows all too well what it’s like to have a family member addicted to painkillers.

“I grew up around it, I know, and it wasn’t fun,” she said, though tears.


Yes indeed, right in the heart of Jesusistan, a staggering number of babies are being born to dope-addict teen moms. Moms who, I am guessing, look around the “Culture of Life” and don’t see much hope for a life worth living. Add no hope to little or no education, and what happens to a fertile young woman?

This is worse than a tragedy. It is a travesty, and the people responsible for it ought to have to face the consequences of their actions. Tennessee State officials, from the Governor on down, ought to be REQUIRED to voluntter in these NICU units.

Perhaps then, they might understand that their preferred policies of Bible-based education and denial of reality are leading to some really costly, and tragic, conclusions.

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