This country loses right around $8,000,000.00 EVERY HOUR because of Chimpy’s goody bag for the rich.

What do we get for that? Yeah. We get people gaming the system to make even more money for doing absolutely nothing, while 700,000 teachers go begging for jobs.

We get roads falling apart, and bridges collapsing.

In 2005, we got a levee breach that killed thousands of people.

What did we NOT get from Chimpy’s goody bags for the wealthy? Jobs, prosperity, or a sound fiscal footing for the Federal Government. In addition, we’ve seen our incomes decline, somewhat dramatically, over the course of the last decade.

People who were alive in the 1990s already know that the BS about “job creators” is just so much Rushpubliscum babble that has no grounding in reality. They want the giveaways to the rich to END, once and for all.


As President Obama navigates a choppy economy in his reelection bid, he can rely on one comforting fact: Americans continue to strongly embrace his opposition to extending tax breaks for those earning more than $250,000 a year.

A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll shows that only 26 percent of the public wants to see all of the tax breaks created during the George W. Bush administration, which are set to expire at year’s end, extended for at least another year. And only 18 percent want the tax breaks across all income levels made permanent, the position taken by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

That the broader public prefers taxing the rich to taxing themselves is not surprising. But the poll results offer evidence of the political benefits that the president can derive from his opposition to the Bush-era tax breaks for high-income earners. Obama has made this a centerpiece of his campaign. It also shows the difficulties that the GOP faces trying to convince voters that the $250,000 threshold hits small businesses and would hurt the economy, and why that narrative has gained little traction with the public at large.

In the poll, 47 percent of respondents said they wanted to see the tax breaks extended only for those earning less than $250,000. Eighteen percent said they prefer that all the tax breaks simply expire, which would result in higher taxes across the income spectrum.


That’s 64%. About 2 in 3 of us. And while I would like for my own benefits to carry on, I’m perfectly happy to give it back, if it means that the Federal Government can actually start functioning as a driver of progress again.

People who are still screaming “TAXES BAD!!!” are the same people who thought Chimpy was the Second Coming. Whether or not they know what the truth about taxation is really doesn’t matter; they don’t CARE what the truth is, any more than they care about the truth about their other Rushpubliscum heroes. In 2012, we have to outnumber them at the polls, or prepare for the final collapse and dissolution of the country.

If we don’t, the tax argument will be one of our lesser concerns, very soon.

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