George Thorogood once sang about drinking alone. And that might be fine for George. But “Junket John” Boehner has always liked to have a pal to slug a few back with. Lobbyists all over DC have been sent home in a state of blackout after a few hours with Agent Orange.

But Junket John isn’t drinking with the lobbyists exclusively these days. Nope, he’s found himself a new chugging pal to kick back and drown his troubles with.


Mitt Romney and John Boehner have known each other for years, but the bond between the would-be president and the House Speaker has become stronger in recent weeks, according to GOP insiders.

The two men have not appeared many times in public, but sources say they and their staffs are in constant contact.

Ohio, Boehner’s home state, is a must win for Romney because no Republican has won the White House without winning the Buckeye State. During a campaign appearance last month in Ohio with Romney, Boehner told The Hill that he would deliver the state for the former Massachusetts governor.

During the heated 2012 GOP presidential primary, Boehner refrained from endorsing any contender – unlike his deputies, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who both endorsed Romney early on.

Since officially backing Romney in April — after it was clear that Romney would be the GOP nominee — Boehner has held one meeting and attended only one public rally with Romney.

GOP operatives say that the lack of joint events should not be misinterpreted as a sign of disconnect. In fact, the relationship between Boehner and Romney has evolved into one of deep respect and behind-the-scenes communication.

“From Boehner’s perspective — there’s a lot of comfort there, and he feels good about [Romney] and a lot of collegiality and has become pretty close to the operation of the governor,” a source close to the Speaker said.


First of all, the notion that Boehner can “deliver” Ohio is a joke of elephant-sized proportions. Outside the inbred bailiwick where Junket John keeps getting re-elected (after replacing a convicted child molester, and I’m not sure who was worse,) Boehner is despised and reviled throughout Ohio. Much as he is despised and reviled throughout the rest of the US. Of course, in his constant drunken stupor, he may think that Ohioans worship him like he’s the new Jesus.

And the “mutual respect” thing…. well DUH. Who ELSE could have a scintilla of respect for either of these clowns? One is a corrupt, adulterous drunk, and the other flip-flops faster than a hummingbird flaps if he thinks he can snag a few votes by doing so.

Yeah, they make a pretty good pair, when you think about it.

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